Friday, September 26, 2008


I have been asked multiple times what is a lifestyle doing in the scheme of the lolita fashion. It is simple to understand. A community of lolitas can be basically split into 3 groups.

~ One group would be of lolita that get dressed up occasionally for meet-ups, photo shoots, or just for fun.
~ The next group consist of lolitas that get dressed up more often than the first group and have a stronger love of lolita.
~ The last group are the extremes. They dress in lolita as much as possible and have a strong conviction of being a lolita.

Now a true lifestyle lolita knows that life is not a fairytale. One cannot always be dressed in our lolita finery. There is always a time and a place for sure beautiful outfits. If you are gardening, working out, or spelunking through a cave or up a mountain no matter how strong your faith in lolita is you should not be wearing your frills at that time.

Now everyone interprets lolita lifestyle in different ways. This can depend on your lolita style, age, or anything else which as an impact on your daily life. A sweet lolita might see days of tea parties out on patios with her closet friends and collecting teddy bears as her ultimate ideal of lolita lifestyle. Or me, being slightly older and have to work during certain days, my ideal of the lifestyle is not only the clothing but the feelings of elegance and refinement that lolita inspires within me. Even though I cannot wear my jumperskirts everyday I try to introduce a little of lolita in everything I do.

A lifestyle lolita knows that mannerism is also important. If one acts like a rude, crude heathen how can them truly call themselves lolita? Most definitely different lolita styles can warrant different attitudes. No one with sure expect a punk lolita and a sweet lolita to act exactly the same, that would be just foolish.

Basically a lifestyle lolita incorporates as many lolita aspects into their surroundings and life as possible.

Thursday, September 18, 2008


This last weekend I was sick with a horrible cold. I missed work and did not leave my bed, I felt absolutely terrible. I spent my time reading The Hound of the Baskervilles by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and The Canterbury Tales by Geoffrey Chaucer, although I would have rather been at work.

The only positive side for being sick is free gifts! Feeling bad for me, my mother bought me this cute little cup and saucer! I wish there was a teapot to match, oh well. The cup and plate are adorable and are sitting in my china cabinet at the moment.

I love receiving little gifts. ♥

Thursday, September 11, 2008


These last few days have been busy with school and work. I also had the unhappy news that Baby's new blue/white heart buckle shoes were sold out in all of their stores. I was patiently awaiting for this to be reissued too. *sigh* Oh well.

During the in between times I have been responding to my few penpals. I absolutely adore replying to penpals. Sitting down on my window seat in the dinning room with a cup of warm tea, my pen and paper regardless of the weather is one of my favorite past times. Lately, I have even signed up for a course in penmanship.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008



For my first discussion I thought to bring up a topic that bothers most girls and women through out the world and history, beauty. Beauty is definitely an important part of being a lolita. It has nothing to do with size, shape, or color. Beauty does not have to be tacked on, sewn in, or glued on. I see in various posts throughout the internet about different girls should not even try lolita because they don't have a beautiful face or have an ugly body. Everyone has heard the quote "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder", well these are all just interjections of someone's opinion on others without the help this new lolita could possibly need to achieve enough charm to completely the outfit they are wearing.

···First rules of beauty in my book is that the person in question needs to know what characteristics they think are attractive.

-Some people think petite persons are the most graceful creatures on the earth while others think to be voluptuous is to be beautiful. Changing of time periods changes the way body types are portrayed. During certain era of the past, ie. 1600s, curvy bodies were the ideal shape for women. Then you have times such as the 1960s where exceptionally thin bodies were the ideal. This trend still happens today.

···A second rule is that you have to work at being beautiful.

Certainly there are those few individuals that wake up everyday and do not have to worry about washing their face. They have the body structure that works well with any outfit and they are as graceful as swans. The bad news is these people are very few. If you are basing beauty off certain models you have to remember they have personal trainers, makeup artists, hair dressers, and a whole crew of photoshop artists to enhance their beauty. The rest of the world has to work with just ourselves.
-Pick a hairstyle that fits your face! Different hairstyles work for different people. If you have concerns about the length of your face it might not be wise to wear updo hair styles. It's also been repeatedly stated that hime-style hair cuts should be avoided as well for these individuals.
-A shiny face is never considered beautiful. But a powder caked face is devastating unattractive. Try washing your face more frequently and using less makeup. I have coworkers and friends who bring a tiny face washing kit with them. They of course take longer in the bathroom! But they never worry themselves about shininess because they are prepared.
-Sleeping is important. Dark circles from lack of sleep are never pretty. Try to get enough sleep at night, or at least try to get a nap every once in awhile. Not only will you have a better attitude but you'll look much better.
-Weight can be an issue, of course. If you are a larger person you need to wear appropriate clothing. Nothing is most unattractive is a larger girls squeezed into a smaller outfit. Lolita Brands of course cause a problem. Brands such as Baby, Innocent World, and Metamorphose make jumperskirts, blouses, and skirt for larger sizes. If you still have troubles there are shops like Fan+Friends which can make custom sizes and commissioned outfits, utilize them.

···Third rule of beauty is to be yourself.

-Self confidence is the absolute key to being beautiful. No matter what fashion magazines say. No matter the shade of lip stick. No matter the skin type. If you cannot walk tall with your head raised and be proud of yourself you will not feel beautiful nor will you think highly of your beauty. Besides wearing lolita should boost your confidence anyway. If this is not the case, maybe this fashion is not for you...

Monday, September 8, 2008

Gothic & Lolita Bibles

Good afternoon~

Almost time for another Bible. Kera has posted the Gothic & Lolita Bible vol. 30 was available on August 22nd! I will of course buy the issue, but I do prefer the winter fashions, especially the coats, more than the autumn fashions.

Saturday, September 6, 2008


This morning before work was wonderful. The weather was bright and sunny, unlike now. So I went out of a walk and stopped by my favorite restaurant for breakfast. It was a slightly crowded but nothing a warm cup of tea and a cup of fresh strawberries did not fix.

Once done I had to run a few errands and return home for work. I was sad I did not get to take a nap before leaving, but work wasn't so horrible today.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Ideals of education

~ Ladies and education ~

For the first column I shall bring up the subject of education. Most lifestyle lolita will talk mainly of manners and princessly attributes, which are definitely important do not misunderstand me! But I find it more important to bring up this subject first.

Ladies and princess alike should always be knowledgeable about different subjects. Granted she would not have usually been skilled in battle stratagems or study from an artisan apprenticeship. But she would have be learned in such topics as languages, how to run a court, crafts, sewing, music, art, history, writing, and any number of other things.

I feel one should never be left in ignorance or without at least a talent or trade, especially a princess. And today this world is full of different fields of study. You should find something you would like to study, even if it is minute. In this age, we modern princess are not forced to learn this talents for the prospect of finding a most desired husband. So we should learn a talent for our own agendas and enjoyments.

I, as with other princesses am indeed not skilled with battles or other manly affairs; however I do study languages. I can sew and most certainly would love to learn violin! Every lady should have an extraordinary skill, go out and find yours or develop a new one.