Thursday, September 4, 2008

Ideals of education

~ Ladies and education ~

For the first column I shall bring up the subject of education. Most lifestyle lolita will talk mainly of manners and princessly attributes, which are definitely important do not misunderstand me! But I find it more important to bring up this subject first.

Ladies and princess alike should always be knowledgeable about different subjects. Granted she would not have usually been skilled in battle stratagems or study from an artisan apprenticeship. But she would have be learned in such topics as languages, how to run a court, crafts, sewing, music, art, history, writing, and any number of other things.

I feel one should never be left in ignorance or without at least a talent or trade, especially a princess. And today this world is full of different fields of study. You should find something you would like to study, even if it is minute. In this age, we modern princess are not forced to learn this talents for the prospect of finding a most desired husband. So we should learn a talent for our own agendas and enjoyments.

I, as with other princesses am indeed not skilled with battles or other manly affairs; however I do study languages. I can sew and most certainly would love to learn violin! Every lady should have an extraordinary skill, go out and find yours or develop a new one.

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Lynette said...

I thought I would take a stroll through your archives and was pleased to see this as your first real post. Education is what truly separated the Aristocracy from the commoners back in the day. The men and women of the court had leisure and energy to pursue different branches of knowledge which led to them, hopefully, being more just and thoughtful rulers.

How have your studies progressed over the years?