Friday, September 26, 2008


I have been asked multiple times what is a lifestyle doing in the scheme of the lolita fashion. It is simple to understand. A community of lolitas can be basically split into 3 groups.

~ One group would be of lolita that get dressed up occasionally for meet-ups, photo shoots, or just for fun.
~ The next group consist of lolitas that get dressed up more often than the first group and have a stronger love of lolita.
~ The last group are the extremes. They dress in lolita as much as possible and have a strong conviction of being a lolita.

Now a true lifestyle lolita knows that life is not a fairytale. One cannot always be dressed in our lolita finery. There is always a time and a place for sure beautiful outfits. If you are gardening, working out, or spelunking through a cave or up a mountain no matter how strong your faith in lolita is you should not be wearing your frills at that time.

Now everyone interprets lolita lifestyle in different ways. This can depend on your lolita style, age, or anything else which as an impact on your daily life. A sweet lolita might see days of tea parties out on patios with her closet friends and collecting teddy bears as her ultimate ideal of lolita lifestyle. Or me, being slightly older and have to work during certain days, my ideal of the lifestyle is not only the clothing but the feelings of elegance and refinement that lolita inspires within me. Even though I cannot wear my jumperskirts everyday I try to introduce a little of lolita in everything I do.

A lifestyle lolita knows that mannerism is also important. If one acts like a rude, crude heathen how can them truly call themselves lolita? Most definitely different lolita styles can warrant different attitudes. No one with sure expect a punk lolita and a sweet lolita to act exactly the same, that would be just foolish.

Basically a lifestyle lolita incorporates as many lolita aspects into their surroundings and life as possible.

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