Thursday, September 11, 2008


These last few days have been busy with school and work. I also had the unhappy news that Baby's new blue/white heart buckle shoes were sold out in all of their stores. I was patiently awaiting for this to be reissued too. *sigh* Oh well.

During the in between times I have been responding to my few penpals. I absolutely adore replying to penpals. Sitting down on my window seat in the dinning room with a cup of warm tea, my pen and paper regardless of the weather is one of my favorite past times. Lately, I have even signed up for a course in penmanship.


Anonymous said...

How do you get penpals?
I would love to have one ^^

I'm From norway btw

Lady Kristen said...

I joined a livejournal community for lolita penpals. You could always ask a friend that lives far away from you to become your penpal.