Friday, October 31, 2008


Happy Halloween everyone!

Halloween is the one day a year I adamantly try to avoid wearing my lolita clothing. I will not have my wardrobe being referred to as a costume. So all day and when I passed out candy I wore plain jeans and a long sleeve T-shirt. However, being unable to resist wearing something cute I wore one of my cupcake necklaces.

While passing out candies one of the boys from my neighbor commented on my lack of "frilly stuffs". He was so~ cute!

Him: "You're not dressed in frilly stuffs! Does this mean you dressed up for Halloween too?"
Me: "You could say that..." *laugh*
Him: "Then here!" *hands me one of his candies* "Happy Halloween!"

After this he happy trotted down my front lawn and to the next house across the street.

Another child in a stroller, I believe this was his first Halloween, tried to grab my necklace when I was trying to give him a lollipop. He did not even look at the candy. He just kept saying "Want...want!" while making grabby motions toward my necklace. His mother kept telling him no, so I eventually just gave the lollipop to her. I felt so bad when she rolled him down the driveway and he just wailed.

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