Thursday, October 16, 2008

Londonian Gothics

Lately I have been playing more Londonian Gothics to keep my mind off other obstacles such as school or work. However, know I am stuck on floor 13.

For those that do not know Londonian Gothics ~迷宮のロリィタ~ is a Nintendo DS Gothic Lolita RPG featuring a lolita named Alice as the main character.

Alice sets out to find her father after he gets kidnapped. You work your way through subterranean maze dungeons in search of him. As you work your way through the dungeon floors, you have to avoid monsters until you can touch some weird pulsing ball that gives you immunity time to stomp on them gaining items and patterns to make dresses which have different abilities that help you along the way.

I tend to always get cornered and killed by these monsters, but I managed to locate a complete, very well detailed guide. Londonian Gothics ~迷宮のロリィタ~ wiki

Hope that helps anyone else who wants to play this game. The graphics are not the best, but it is cute and fun.

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