Thursday, October 23, 2008

Wintry delights

As fall continues to march onward and North America starts to get its first blistery days, I sit next to my fireplace and have decided to write about different wintry delights.

I love winter, but the worst problem of this latter season is of course staying warm. With the multiple layers of the lolita ensemble it can be rather easy to keep one's upper body sufficiently heated. The problem for me is my legs always get cold.

Many brands have their own line of winter coats and jackets. They have also started making cute earmuffs and I saw last year that Angelic Pretty had mittens as well. Caplets and capes are other ways to stay warm, but are really only affective on cool days. Boleros are another convenient way to keep your arms warm during cooler days. More and more brands are curtailing to the pleas of cold climate lolita. Thank you!

~ Derrière dilemma:
I was taught that a lady never wears shorts under her skirts, not even in winter. This of course leaves your derrière to the blister cold. I love the modestly bloomers add to a lolita outfit on a normal basis and I tend to modify them for colder weather. I made a handmade pair of bloomers from a heavier study fabric. They are definitely warmer than Baby's and Meta's bloomers.

Underskirts and petticoats. While again not the warmest articles in your outfit they help with insulation. If it is an extra blistery day, I will add an underskirts to my outfit even if I do not need one. Plus I make sure to put on my fullest petticoat. The less air that can circulate around your legs the warmer you will be.

~ Cold feet:
Ever year I have seen handfuls of new lolitas ask the same questions. Are tights and socks ok? Yes! It is sometimes cute, perfectly acceptable, and definitely favorable in colder climates to wear tights with your knee high/over the knee socks. As long as the color of the tights matches with the socks and the outfit!!

~ These boots:
Brands during wintry months release some of the cutest footwear. I love boots! They are warm, cover more of your legs, and add extra insulation for your feet. I especially love Baby's boots from last year. I sadly wish I would have bought a pair then.

Winter being my favorite season, I love all the activities available. Ice skating has always been a popular activity in my area along with snowball fights. Going on a sledge ride or to an ice sculpture contest or exhibits are neat ideas as well. Around Christmas my family always drives around to enjoy the light displays.

And during fall, wagon rides and leaf pile jumping are other favorite past time. My family always takes a day trip and picnic to enjoy the changing of the leaves. But I will always most enjoy taking a long walk and then coming home to sit by the fireplace, read a book, and enjoy a cup of hot chocolate. Actually, I think I will go do that now! Bye~~

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