Friday, November 28, 2008

Gothic & Lolita Bibles

Good Evening and Happy Thanksgiving.

Time for another Bible~. Kera has posted the Gothic & Lolita Bible vol. 31 was available on November 21nd! I love winter issues! I cannot wait until my issues comes in.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

November's Princess Challenge

~November's Princess Challenge~

November's Princess Challenge was to explore the outside world.

This month I decided to explore a park I noticed on a drive earlier this year. I sadly forgot about it because it is a ways drive from my house. But determined to walk the whole expanse one day this month, I packed a lunch and sent out for a trek.

The park is called Rockford Park. The front was just a large open field where many people brought their dogs. I wish I could have captured the most beautiful blue merle Australian Shepherd that was playing catch with its master. Then further to the back I noticed a huge tower, a small quaint church, and many beautiful trees. The tower in question is the one featured in the picture. It does not have a clock on the side of it but a sundial!

I picnicked on a bench overlooking a wooded cliff. Then I walked on the long walking trail which lead back to the giant field. Sadly because I only brought my cellphone and it is November I could not get enough lighting for plenty of pictures. The only ones that came out relatively well were of the tower and I still had to adjust the brightness. During the spring I plan to revisit Rockford Park and take more pictures.

Staying current

Lolita fashion, just like any other fashion is constantly updating and developing new sub-styles. Requiring its fans to sometimes stay on their toes for the upcoming trends. Maybe next season headresses might make a swiping return. The sweets style might evolve and new decos might appear. I know some lolitas positioned around the world that despair that they catch these trends later, but sometimes we don't. With the help of the internet, personal blogs, videos, and different publications we are just as current as our Asian lolita siblings.

~ For blogs, I have listed in the side columns the personal and brand blogs I frequently visit. I am sure there are more interesting blogs out there. Here is a link list site of blogs relating to lolita fashion: The blog village

~ In the video category, there are multiple interview clips posted on youtube and veoh for your quick viewing pleasure. And there is also a cute video series called Tokyo Kawaii TV. This show features something current and cute in Asian fashion at the moment in each episode.

~ And finally publications. There are an inexhaustible amount of lolita related mooks. There is of course the ever popular Gothic and Lolita Bible and Fruits all the way down to the less talked about Clara Bow. I only plan to list the few zines I tend to follow because there are just too many out there to name.

Gothic & Lolita Bible - 30 issues + 2 extras + 1 Hair & Make-up Bible + 1 Boudoir special
Kera maniax - 11 issues + 1 special
Kera - numerous issues (124 issues I believe...)
Goth Loli - 12 issues + 1 handmade special
Alice Doll - 1 issue
Handmade Gothic & Lolita - 1 issue
Ageha - 25 issues

Plus there is the upcoming popularity of English mooks:

La Vie En Rose - 2 issues
Gothic & Lolita Bible - 3 issues

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Yesterday was the first flurry of the year. I absolutely love when it is snowing. The sky wasn't completely cloudy so some of the afternoon sun managed to escape from the clouds. It was just beautiful.

I took a short walk through the flurries and then came home to a mug of hot chocolate and watched Wall·E. The movie was adorable, but I do not think the children at work would like to watch it. It would be a slow story for the '12 and under's.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Princess days

~Princess Days~

I mentioned a princess day in my previous post. I felt I had to explain what that is. Everyone has their own version and name for this. A princess day is basically a day off. A day off from work, stress, and the worries of the world. This day is completely devoted to boosting your confidence, reviving your spirit, and pampering yourself. I have a regimen rule to have one princess day at least once every week. This day does not have to be completely restricted to just yourself, but I always treat myself someway on this assigned day.

Small ways to spend your Princess Day:
~ Get a manicure
~ Take a long scented bath
~ Go shopping
~ Take an afternoon nap
~ Take a long walk with a book
~ Go to the beach
~ Go to a theater
~ Visit a garden
~ Eat your favorite foods all day
~ Go to a spa
~ Buy a new wardrobe item ♥
~ Get a makeover
~ Try a new hairstyle
~ and there are several numerous others...

If you don't schedule yourself a princess day, please do. Not only is it fun, it also helps combat stress and daily monotony.



Nothing ruins a perfect day like stress! No one is exempt from stress, not even lolitas or modern day princesses. Stress is a fact of life and it attacks at the most inopportune moments.

Stress must always be dealt with before any adverse effects arise, and hopefully in the most refined way possible. Long term effects of stress can cause health issues, premature aging, acne, and weight gain. So it is better to fix the dilemma before it explodes.

Here I've thought of a few activities I do to help cope with my most stressful days.

Ways of coping:
~ Take a nap
~ Take a long walk
~ Enjoy a hot bath
~ Take an extra princess day/ shopping (as long as money isn't your stressor)
~ Read a book
~ Take a victory break after a completed task
~ Exercise
~ Vegetate and listen to music
~ Go to a movie
~ Laugh - laughter is the best cure in the world.

I find it easier to deal with possible stressful events very early in the day. So every morning I sit down and plan before I start my day.

Preventing stress:
~ Make a 'To Do' list - Much like Princess Syke I make a to do list every morning in a cute journal I always carry around. It keeps me on the tract of the items I need to do that day.
~ Plan your calendar - I mark all important dates, appointments, meetings on a calendar sometimes even months in advanced.
~ Take everything 1 task at a time - Take a deep breath and work on the small issues first.
~ And finally, don't procrastinate! - Nothing causes stress like waiting to do all your work at the last minute.

I hope that helps slightly. If not remember 'Keep calm and carry on.'

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


This morning I have been tinkering around with a few of the blogger gadgets. I have updated the Escapes section turning it into two different parts.

On the left side are links to blogs and the egl livejournal community I frequently visit. On the right side are all links of blog of the brands I like - Baby, The Stars Shine Bright, Angelic Pretty, Meta, etc.. These sections are still under construction and will mostly change at a later date. But I hope you enjoy the blogs of these other persons as well as mine.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Handle with Care

In my book lolita clothing is most certainly something to be handled with care. If not for the price than at least for the aesthetics of the pieces. I always take precautions for the care of my wardrobe even if they are not needed.

1. A tailor – I use an old family tailor to fix any damages to my outfits. Though I can sew, I prefer to leave a professional to mend major problems. I also just love visiting their shop and having a cup of tea while I wait for them to fix whatever the problem is.

2. Padded clothing hangers - I usually use padded hangers. They protect the shape of the collar area of my clothes and they just look cuter than the plastic hangers. Plus sometimes you can buy scented hangers.

3. Wardrobe/closet - I never leave my outfits hanging up in my room. I own too many pets and prevent all contact between them and my clothing.

4. Garment bags – In addition to keeping my animals out of my closet, I hang my outfits closest to the door in garment bags. This is just an extra neurotic precaution.

5. Simple sewing kit – I always carry a tiny sewing kit in my purse. It consists of a needle, thread, and tiny scissors -basic items to mend little problems. So if a seam comes loss or a button gives out I am prepared.

6. Dry cleaners – I always send my outfits to the dry cleaners. I know some lolita prefer to hand wash their articles of clothing. Either way do not wash your worn articles in the washing machine. Colors will fade and other damages can happen.

7. Shoe repairer – I take most of my shoes to a nice shoe repairer shop at a local market. Really only one set of boots had a major repair needed, but they are also happy to repair the occasional scuff markers and bents too. There will be no mangy shoes stored in my closet.

8. Jewelers - As of yet I have not had to take any of my jewelry to a jeweler yet. But there is a local shop that says they will fix rings and necklaces. As of jewelery such as my cupcake rings and necklaces I always have a small tube of crazy glue in my craft room.

~ And lastly another precaution in my house especially is to put items back were they belong. With two German Shepards and six cats anything left out will either be eaten, stolen and never found, or covered in a ridiculous amount of animal hair.

1. All accessories have a home. – All of my accessories have certain places they are stored when not in use. Parasols belong in my umbrella holder, cupcake rings/necklaces belong in their cute plastic box, socks/tights belong in the dresser draw, and head pieces belong in their hat boxes.

2. Shoe boxes – I always but my shoes back in their boxes and on shelves. I have shoe eating dogs, whom are also not allowed near my wardrobe or in my closets.