Wednesday, November 26, 2008

November's Princess Challenge

~November's Princess Challenge~

November's Princess Challenge was to explore the outside world.

This month I decided to explore a park I noticed on a drive earlier this year. I sadly forgot about it because it is a ways drive from my house. But determined to walk the whole expanse one day this month, I packed a lunch and sent out for a trek.

The park is called Rockford Park. The front was just a large open field where many people brought their dogs. I wish I could have captured the most beautiful blue merle Australian Shepherd that was playing catch with its master. Then further to the back I noticed a huge tower, a small quaint church, and many beautiful trees. The tower in question is the one featured in the picture. It does not have a clock on the side of it but a sundial!

I picnicked on a bench overlooking a wooded cliff. Then I walked on the long walking trail which lead back to the giant field. Sadly because I only brought my cellphone and it is November I could not get enough lighting for plenty of pictures. The only ones that came out relatively well were of the tower and I still had to adjust the brightness. During the spring I plan to revisit Rockford Park and take more pictures.

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