Friday, November 14, 2008



Nothing ruins a perfect day like stress! No one is exempt from stress, not even lolitas or modern day princesses. Stress is a fact of life and it attacks at the most inopportune moments.

Stress must always be dealt with before any adverse effects arise, and hopefully in the most refined way possible. Long term effects of stress can cause health issues, premature aging, acne, and weight gain. So it is better to fix the dilemma before it explodes.

Here I've thought of a few activities I do to help cope with my most stressful days.

Ways of coping:
~ Take a nap
~ Take a long walk
~ Enjoy a hot bath
~ Take an extra princess day/ shopping (as long as money isn't your stressor)
~ Read a book
~ Take a victory break after a completed task
~ Exercise
~ Vegetate and listen to music
~ Go to a movie
~ Laugh - laughter is the best cure in the world.

I find it easier to deal with possible stressful events very early in the day. So every morning I sit down and plan before I start my day.

Preventing stress:
~ Make a 'To Do' list - Much like Princess Syke I make a to do list every morning in a cute journal I always carry around. It keeps me on the tract of the items I need to do that day.
~ Plan your calendar - I mark all important dates, appointments, meetings on a calendar sometimes even months in advanced.
~ Take everything 1 task at a time - Take a deep breath and work on the small issues first.
~ And finally, don't procrastinate! - Nothing causes stress like waiting to do all your work at the last minute.

I hope that helps slightly. If not remember 'Keep calm and carry on.'


Marie said...

I completely agree again with you !

When I face too much stress, I eat !! Do I have to tell you I am not exactly slim ???

So now, when I want to eat to relax, instead I do hugs to my cat or go straight to my bathroom and do a face mask !! It smells chocolate : it is yummy :-)


Lady Leila said...

Dear Marie~

A lot of women actually eat when they are stressed which is a very bad habit. I tried to exclude anything related to food in this particular post. I too find that I eat more when stressed. So I try to ignore food and exercise during my more distressing moments.

The face mask sounds delicious maybe I should try it too. lol