Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The New Year

The New Year is upon us!

I live on the Eastern coast of the United States so I have about four more hours until the actual New Year. Unfortunately for me I have to work tomorrow morning, so this year I will stay home and drink champagine with my family.

The New Year for me brings about new changes. Every year I clean and organize everything I own. I donate or get rid of things that bore or no longer interest me. I sit down and reflect what I did last year and write down things I would like to accomplish for this year. And I of course make a list of resolutions, most of which get half way finished. (lol) I tend to make resolutions on January 1st and then on June 1st I either update or amend these resolutions to keep them current to my situations.

My reflections:
This year I matured in my work ethic. I gained more courage. And I actually sat down to make this blog which I had wanted to do for ages.

My hopes:
Next year I hope to become more of a noted member of the lolita fashion. I hope to continue gaining courage, strength, and calmness. And I hope to expand my wardrobe and friends to the fullest.

And last but not least...
My resolutions:
☆ Lose weight: 20lbs - (haha) Isn't this on top everyone's list?
★ Live with less anxiety
☆ Post more often
★ Study different and interesting fields
☆ Budget my expenses more
★ Throw out/ Donate old or unloved items
☆ Organize
★ Develop a new talent

To keep these resolutions I try to work on something little-by-little everyday. My 'To Do' list and Calendar always help me with that. If you take baby steps it will be hard to fall off the track.

Also plan realistic resolutions! I would love to lose more than 20lbs, and that is one of my goals, but for a 6 month span of time 20lbs is plenty to lose. If by June 1st I have lost more than that I will congratulate myself and make a new goal.

And as always, once you acheieved one of your resolutions/goals celebrate! Achieving one of your resolutions is as good a reason as any to give yourself an extra Princess Day!!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008


~Individualizing Your Lolita Style~

In a world full on similar fabric patterns and identical dress forms every lolita needs to have their own unique style/items to differentiate themselves from the crowd, not that we aren't distinguishable already. I tend to call these trademark items. Everyone usually has these already. They are those one or two items people always wear/carry around with them.

In the lolita world, these trademark worthy items tend to be the most expensive. Usually they are a rare ensemble pieces or well sought after accessory items.

Some popular lolita trademarks:
♥ Heart Buckle shoes
♥ Cake shoes
♥ Metamorphose's school bags/pochettes
♥ Bunny bags
♥ Angelic Pretty apparel
♥ Moi-meme-moite apparel
♥ Baby apparel

But sometimes these trademarks don't have to be bought at brands stores. Colorful wigs, certain hair styles, piercings, nails, and multiple off brand items can become someone's trademark.

Some off-brand items I have seen as trademarks:
♥ Pink wings
♥ Eye make-up
♥ Deco accessories
♥ Off-brand purses
♥ Off-brand outerwear
♥ Boots

My trademarks so far tend to be my Metamorphose crown embroidery pochette, knee high boots, and a crown necklace. Everyone should develop their own trademark items. It is a fun way to individualize your own style.

Thursday, December 4, 2008


~Lolita vs. height~

It seems the one physical problem which makes dressing in lolita difficult is not weight, but height. Brands are of course made to fit the typical Japanese female body type of 5'4” and below which puts a damper on dress options for the typical western females of 5'5” and above.

Luckily brands such as Metamorphose --with its L sizes--, Innocent World --with its few longer pieces--, and BABY --with its L sizes and shirring-- are adjusting their clothing sizes to fit larger body structures. However, sometimes westerners height still is a problem. Brands such as Angelic Pretty and Moi-même-Moitié make their one pieces and jumperskirts with only their shorter customers in mind. I speak from experience being 6 feet tall.

There are alternatives to this height issue. A suggestion from the popular egl community is to wear tights along with over knee socks to throw off the appearance of the skirt's shortness. This however only works of the lolitas that are slightly above average height. For the taller lolitas there are few choices. One is to have your wardrobe consist mainly of skirts and blouses. Another is to wear an underskirt underneath your dresses. And still another is the option to have a seamstress alter your brand in someway. However most lolita shun alterations to brand items. And finally, there is always the option to buy replicas.

One must be careful of the choice of underskirt though. The underskirt could effect the look of your ensemble and make it seem like you raided your shorter sister's closet.

- One must remember to not wear the underskirt too low, you are just trying to add a few cm for modesty not appear as you're wearing two outfits at once.

- Also your underskirt must match at least one color of your one piece or jumperskirt perfectly. I tend to match my underskirt with the most predominate color. Note! Be careful with mixing BABY's and Metamorphose's black articles of clothing together. Sometimes their blacks tend to not match.

- If one is sewing their own underskirt it is suggested to match the laces and trim as much as possible.

Someone told me when I was younger that "no matter what taller girls try they will never fit in anyway. So it is no use trying to. If you are going to stick out you might as well do so in style!" So taller lolitas do not despair.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Well dear! It hardly seems like it should already be December. And with 23 days left until Christmas I am sure that everyone has already started Christmas shopping. Sadly... I have not started shopping yet. And with the joy of giving this month also comes the excitement of receiving!

Even at 23 I still make a Christmas list, how about you? Every year my family buys antique looking paper and we write out our Christmas wishes and list and tack them to the mantle. This way Santa, and everyone, can see easily see what the other people want. So far I have a very short list this year. lol It might of course increase before the Christmas Eve deadline.

~Kristen's List~
♥ A new tri-fold floor length mirror
♥ A violin
♥ Suikoden DS game
♥ Baby's black sugar bouquet jumperskirt
♥ Money
New ♥ Kay Jeweler's tri-heart diamond ring

Someone showed me a magazine with this beautiful tri-heart diamond ring, I fell in love at first sight. My fiancee says I have enough rings. lol If no one buys this for me I am definitely buying it for myself!

I hope everyone sits down and makes a Christmas list. It is a fun and goofy December hobby I will always enjoy.