Thursday, December 4, 2008


~Lolita vs. height~

It seems the one physical problem which makes dressing in lolita difficult is not weight, but height. Brands are of course made to fit the typical Japanese female body type of 5'4” and below which puts a damper on dress options for the typical western females of 5'5” and above.

Luckily brands such as Metamorphose --with its L sizes--, Innocent World --with its few longer pieces--, and BABY --with its L sizes and shirring-- are adjusting their clothing sizes to fit larger body structures. However, sometimes westerners height still is a problem. Brands such as Angelic Pretty and Moi-même-Moitié make their one pieces and jumperskirts with only their shorter customers in mind. I speak from experience being 6 feet tall.

There are alternatives to this height issue. A suggestion from the popular egl community is to wear tights along with over knee socks to throw off the appearance of the skirt's shortness. This however only works of the lolitas that are slightly above average height. For the taller lolitas there are few choices. One is to have your wardrobe consist mainly of skirts and blouses. Another is to wear an underskirt underneath your dresses. And still another is the option to have a seamstress alter your brand in someway. However most lolita shun alterations to brand items. And finally, there is always the option to buy replicas.

One must be careful of the choice of underskirt though. The underskirt could effect the look of your ensemble and make it seem like you raided your shorter sister's closet.

- One must remember to not wear the underskirt too low, you are just trying to add a few cm for modesty not appear as you're wearing two outfits at once.

- Also your underskirt must match at least one color of your one piece or jumperskirt perfectly. I tend to match my underskirt with the most predominate color. Note! Be careful with mixing BABY's and Metamorphose's black articles of clothing together. Sometimes their blacks tend to not match.

- If one is sewing their own underskirt it is suggested to match the laces and trim as much as possible.

Someone told me when I was younger that "no matter what taller girls try they will never fit in anyway. So it is no use trying to. If you are going to stick out you might as well do so in style!" So taller lolitas do not despair.


Katrina said...

I'd just like to say t hat being a white American at 5'2" has really limited my clothing choices on domestic brands - so Japanese brands including lolita is a godsend. It is lousy to be on either end of the scale I guess. Lucky 5'5"-ers.

Lady Leila said...

Yes, the 5'5" definitely are lucky! Not only are western style clothing tailored to their size, but most lolita brand dresses are not out of their height range.

I am glad that you found Japanese brands to be so advantageous for you. I wish I could find tall people fashions that weren't so tacky. :/