Friday, January 16, 2009


Shop Name: StrawberryDoll
deliciously sweet jewellry

Report: StrawberryDoll is a wonderful little shop that makes handmade sweets accessories. Like many of sweets sellers this shop's main products include macaron rings and necklaces and cupcake rings and necklaces. Although this shop makes an additional item which I have not seen previously made, peppermint swirl rings.

Each item is handmade making each piece unique. The items can come in a number of different colors with multiple different accessories. Although down for a restocking hiatus, StrawberryDoll also accepts commissions offers. Letting them have an even more chance to provide their clients with specialty accessories.

The detailed cream is made of silicon. This adds a nice sturdiness to their items. I have had the necklaces and rings I bought since June '08 and they are still in the perfect condition I originally received them. The silicon is flexible preventing breaking, but it does tend to be magnetic toward any lint, dust, or hair that comes in contact with it.

The cupcake base is made out of some very hard material. My cupcake rings what been hit and bumped by everything and still have no bents. The other items are made out of a lightweight clay and can withstand the same abuse very well.

StrawberryDoll offers their clients two different necklace chain lengths. Like most sweets seller their rings are on adjustable backs. They are attended very securely and have not come lose in the least. When I received my package I was surprised to see that StrawberryDoll had provided me with a small clear container to store my items in and a cute little card.

When I ordered my items the shop staff was very nice and tried their hardest to appease any request I had. They answered all of my questions in adequate time and seemed rather polite. They even seemed more than happy to take the time to make the commissioned items I asked for. When they found out they would be unable to make a certain item I request they sent a hand sown sweet phone charm. [Which I need to take a picture of]

Overall: I am extremely pleased!! I have order sweets accessories from multiple different shops/individuals but StrawberryDoll has provided the best products I have as of yet. I am truly heavyhearted when I found out this shop was under hiatus. I really want to buy some more accessories.

♡ Customer service: 10/10 - perfect
♡ Product: 10/10 - perfect
♡ Shipping: 10/10 - perfect


Another Princessly Living growing pain. As of today I am adding a new category: Reviews.

In this section I hope to comment on different shops, movies, books, maybe even music and brands. I hope in no way to sway your views on the topics that will be in this section. I just want to add my input on this items.

I have never written a formal review before so these posts will be edited as time goes on while I research reviewing styles.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

January's Princess Challenge

~January's Princess Challenge~

January's Princess Challenge was set a goal to improve 1 area of life and break the goal down into simple steps.

My goal for January's challenge is one that appears on almost every woman's resolution list: To lose weight. I've already started working on this I was just procrastinating on typing this out

Planned steps to be taken
I will:
• Drink 8 cups of water a day
• Anaerobically exercise 2 days a week: TR
• Aerobically exercise 3 days a week: MWF
• Go on a gluten-free diet (Dr. says I need to do this anyway)
• Start a weightloss diary
• Reduce potion sizes

Results by January 14th: lost 3lbs
Results by January 31st:

December's Princess Challenge

~December's Princess Challenge~

December's Princess Challenge was to participate in the act of giving/ charity.

This challenge was not too hard for me. Every time around this year I try to donate money to the ASCPA. I know that every year people concentrate mainly on what they want to receive this holiday season or what they want to give others and tend of forget animals that need shelter and food too. I being the owner of 6 cats and 2 dogs, in which all my cats and 1 of my dogs are rescues, know that animals need love and compassion too.

Also earlier last month we provided shelter for a family friend, Paul, who is homeless. He stayed with us through the end of November until about the week before Christmas. He is originally from Baltimore.

The shelter he usually lives in was packed and he did not want to take a bed from someone who might need it more. We heard this and went to pick him up. We told him the guest room was always open to him if he needs it. He was extremely grateful and when he left Delaware he went to celebrate the Christmas holidays with his sister.

Paul called us not long ago and told us how he was doing. He said he was glad he decided to give up his spot in the shelter. Apparently the bed he had went to a pregnant woman whose husband had lost his job recently. He said about the time he went to visit his sister the husband had found another job and the couple is now doing well and living in a small apartment. I feel privileged to know that not only did we keep 1 person from sleeping in the cold, but we indirectly helped a growing family stay warm during this rocky period of time for them.