Thursday, April 23, 2009

Blog Link Wheel

A few people have said they are discouraged by the language barrier with the blogs featured on my two blog lists.

Most of the blogs and of course the brand blogs I visit are in Japanese. However, there are a few blogs I frequently read that are in English.

❤ Livejournal: The main journal site I use. Major communities I visit are EGL and Himegyaru.

the princess portal: A personal blog by self proclaimed Princess Skye. The princess portal features advice, lessons, and princess challenges.

ギャルラバ: A blog featuring information about the Gyaru fashion. Features information on gyaru models, magazines, and updates on the gyaru fashion.

Lolita Charm: An informative and personal blog by Victoria.

Doll Part: Personal blog by a gothic lolita.

yumyumyum: A personal blog by Kammie. Even though the blog is on yaplog it is in fact in English.

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