Friday, May 8, 2009

Shining stars

Over time I noticed one particular issue a lot of new lolita seem to have, a problem with confidence. It has been repeatedly asked what we lolita do when someone makes snid comments about our outfits. Or what we do when someone points or asks to take pictures of us. In response: we shine.

Patrons of this fashion need to remember that lolita fashion is something unconventional! We are going to stick out in a crowd. People by nature make fun of or gasp at something that deviates from the norm, which we do.

~ There is a quote I love that someone told me once. “Remember, the world is full of average people who are determined to influence you to be average too.” ~

★ Travel around with others dressed in lolita: If you feel uncomfortable dressing up alone ask a friend to dress up with you. Confidence grows with number. Having someone I know around me in difficult situations encourages me to shine brighter.

☆ Take negative criticism like a grain of sand: No matter what you do in life there are going to be people that are negative and want to ruin your fun. Do not listen to them! If people are giving you honest, helpful constructive criticism take their advice and maybe learn something new. And of course, ignore any sour comments.

★ Stand tall! You have the guts to dress uniquely: I was always told, “If you have the drive to buy something you had better have the same drive to proclaim it as your's.” Be proud that would spent your money on something you like.

☆ Wear something you love: If you are happy nothing can dapper your mood. If you feel shame or doubt about if you should wear this fashion you need to sit down and think hard if this is for you. If you are unhappy they maybe another hobby would be best.

★ Be true to yourself: If lolita fashion is truly something you love no one can rain on your parade. Just be yourself and have fun!

Finally, remember trying a new outfit or style will be frightening at first but that should not deter you from making yourself happy. Life is too short to let others dictate what to wear or what you like.


Violet LeBeaux said...

This is a really good post. I've noticed too that many of the newer Lolitas are much more timid that the girls of a couple of years ago.

I definitely agree we need to stand tall and love the outfits we've chosen! There are some people who aren't going to like how you dress no matter how you dress.

I started doing something a long time ago which helped me take the negative criticism. When someone makes a negative comment about me in Lolita I take a good hard look at their outfit. The chances are they haven't put any effort into their appearance at all. People who don't care about themselves don't get to have an opinion about me. If they care enough to say something about what I'm wearing when they couldn't even be bothered on themselves then it really says something about how sad they are!

Lady Kristen said...

Thank you for reading my post and your wonderful comment. ♥

That's very true. Most of the people I have noticed that have made negative comments towards me have the worst, grease stained, ill prepared outfits on.