Monday, June 22, 2009

Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens…

Sadly I am suffering from a small writers block slump, but I horribly wanted to make an entry. So for now I going to make a list of new or interesting things I love and would like to share.

♫ ~ These are a few of my favorite things ~ ♪

♥ Poupeegirl: I am sure everyone has one by now. This is a Japanese based website in which you can share picture of your articles of clothing, accessories, and other fabulous fashion related what-nots.

♥ Labyrinth: A fairytale movie from 1986 featuring David Bowie and Jim Henson's interesting and hilarious creatures.

♥ The 10th Kingdom: A fairytale TV miniseries and book. It takes place in the fairytale world of the 9 Kingdoms in which the glory days of Snow White and Little Red Riding Hood have past. This magically world spills into today’s Manhattan, the mythological 10th Kingdom.

♥ Sweets accessories: Especially Ribbon Holic which I just found out today as a yaplog!

♥ A Knight’s Tale: A comedy featuring the late Health Ledger. This movie follows the rise of William, a peasant to the ranks of knighthood, while playing popular music hit of the 80s and 90s. ie. Taking care of business - Bachman-Turner Overdrive; We will Rock you – Queen; Golden Years – David Bowie

♥ Brief sun showers and lead to rainbows

♥ The Arthurian Legend

♥ Catching fireflies in a large glass jar

♥ Ice cream on a warm summer evening

♥ Princessly Living and replying to my readers

Friday, June 19, 2009


~Lolita vs. weight~

A major issue for women the world over is losing or controlling their weight. This problem increases when the fashion you fancy is proportioned toward the typical tiny Japanese body frame. However hope is not lost for plus or larger sized admirers of Lolita fashion.

Just like with my previous article on Lolita vs. height Japanese brands are starting to adjusting their clothing sizes to fit larger body structures. Meta makes L size blouses and dresses. Baby offers shirred and partially shirred jumper skirts and recently is making different sizes for blouse and dresses. Angelic Pretty has a handful of shirred articles. And yes, even Moi-même-Moitié makes shirred jumper skirts!

Many lovers of classical brands, myself included, weep that they are not more inclined to make larger sizes. However, they seem to be working on it. Innocent World and Victorian Maiden have sporadically released shirred waist skirts.

Yes you saw correctly. Not only am I extremely tall, but I’m also plus sized. This however does not keep me from wearing the fashions I love. Nor should it keep anyone from wearing what they want or enjoying life to the fullest.

There are restrictions of course though! No matter how much you love that piece of clothing brand, if it does not fit your measurements leave it be. There is no point in squeezing into a brand item. It will 1.) ruin the article of clothing and 2.) look ill suited on you.

For larger lolita there are alternative options to brand.

- Bodyline has lately been replicating brand prints. Their sizes can run slightly larger than brands and they offer a queen size for some of their designs. Bodyline however tends to run short and their designs and lace can be less than brand quality.

- There are Western based brands that make larger items. In the Starlight, ITS, and Candy Violet are some brands I have heard make larger sizes.

- Contacting a seamstress to make a replica is another option.

- Then there is always Fan+Friends. They make custom sized articles and replicas.

- Finally there is sewing your own clothing. This will ensure that the clothing is a custom fit to your measurements and you can experiment with new and fun designs.

But all of these opportunities don’t leave out the fact that exercise and a nutritional diet should always be your main choice! Do not do it to fit until a piece of clothing that ten years down the road you might not have an interest in anymore. Do it for yourself and your health.

With that I have to go now, lunch is calling!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

2,000+ views!

Thank you so much everyone for reading, following, and/or just stopping by.

Faux Sun Faux Moon

Shop Name: Faux Sun Faux Moon

Report: A few years ago Ashlee also known as faunkegin, a popular lolita on the egl sales community, hosted a sale of homemade sweets accessories. I, having a fancy for cupcake rings, jumped onto the bandwagon sale's post along with what seemed like 75% of the community.

I ordered two rings based off others she had commission for other people. Each item is of course unique from the others although if you ask for a similar ring it seems she tries her best to replicate it. The cream is made of a hard silicon substance. It is hard yet spongey and very durable. Like other sweets accessories made of similar materials the silicon collects any dust and hair that comes in contact with it.

I bought these items back in the beginning '08 and all the detailed components of these rings are still securely attached like the day they arrived.

The only drawback I would say is the strawberries. They tend to be overly sized for the small accessories and rather elongated. When ordering my items I asked for smaller strawberries which she gladly adjusted the size for me. Ashlee uses little shiny jems instead of the tiny pearl like accents featured on StrawberryDoll's sweets accessories.

My items were shipped individually wrapped and in a well sized bubble wrapped envelope. They arrived in a timely fashion without a bent or scratch to the package or rings.

Ashlee seems to make a variety of homemade items which she sells sporadically on the egl sales community. She has now opened her own shop which at the moment only seems to offer her fabric candy necklaces.

Overall: I am pleased with the workmanship of her items. It seems she takes her time working on each item she makes. Plus she asks her customers if they are happy with their products before she ships them to their new owners. Overall, I love the two rings I order from her, but I prefer StrawberryDoll's sweets accessories.

♡ Customer service: 10/10 - perfect
♡ Product: 9.5/10 - perfect
♡ Shipping: 10/10 - perfect

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Mix and Match

"To mix, or not to mix: that is the question:"

An ongoing controversy circles around many gyaru and lolita forums and communities: should lolita, princess-style, and gyaru fashion be combined? This debate never seems to get resolved whenever the topic is brought up.

I, for one, am in favor of combining these styles. I find that combinations can sometimes lead to interesting coordinations and delightful new styles; i.e. himegyaru. It also adds a bit of uniqueness which sometimes these styles might need. Yes, jumper skirts can be made with different prints and skirts can be pleated, tiered, or scalloped but at the end of the day most brand share the same outfit patterns.

If you look through certain magazines such as Ageha, Pinky, and Ray you will notice that they promote the combination of styles by the sharing of brand accessories and articles of clothing. Ageha features their models wearing mini tops hats, Angelic Pretty's jewelry, and using Baby's heart shoulder bags to mention just a few. While the Gothic & Lolita Bibles display models with similar gyaru eye makeup and jewelry.

Hairstyles are another shared trait. Lolita are starting to add more height to their hair. While headbows, crowns, and the princess-style haircut is visible throughout all of these styles.

Another tally on the side of combining these different fashions is that fact they all share a love for the same trends. Deco and sweets accessories are prevalent in both gyaru and lolita fashions.

I believe that if mixed correctly this three styles can meld together perfectly.