Monday, June 22, 2009

Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens…

Sadly I am suffering from a small writers block slump, but I horribly wanted to make an entry. So for now I going to make a list of new or interesting things I love and would like to share.

♫ ~ These are a few of my favorite things ~ ♪

♥ Poupeegirl: I am sure everyone has one by now. This is a Japanese based website in which you can share picture of your articles of clothing, accessories, and other fabulous fashion related what-nots.

♥ Labyrinth: A fairytale movie from 1986 featuring David Bowie and Jim Henson's interesting and hilarious creatures.

♥ The 10th Kingdom: A fairytale TV miniseries and book. It takes place in the fairytale world of the 9 Kingdoms in which the glory days of Snow White and Little Red Riding Hood have past. This magically world spills into today’s Manhattan, the mythological 10th Kingdom.

♥ Sweets accessories: Especially Ribbon Holic which I just found out today as a yaplog!

♥ A Knight’s Tale: A comedy featuring the late Health Ledger. This movie follows the rise of William, a peasant to the ranks of knighthood, while playing popular music hit of the 80s and 90s. ie. Taking care of business - Bachman-Turner Overdrive; We will Rock you – Queen; Golden Years – David Bowie

♥ Brief sun showers and lead to rainbows

♥ The Arthurian Legend

♥ Catching fireflies in a large glass jar

♥ Ice cream on a warm summer evening

♥ Princessly Living and replying to my readers


Olivia (Oli) said...

Ahhh I have to look up a lot of these things the 10th kingdom sounds really interesting, I'm really gonna look that up :)

Lady Kristen said...

I loved The 10th Kingdom since the first time I saw it on tv... all 6 hours of it. Once you start watching it though it is hard to stop.

Violet LeBeaux said...

I <3 A Knight's Tale too! Such a cute movie.

Lady Kristen said...

I think I have made everyone that knows we watch that movie. It is and I think will always be one of my top favorite movies.

"It's called a lance, hello~!"