Friday, June 19, 2009


~Lolita vs. weight~

A major issue for women the world over is losing or controlling their weight. This problem increases when the fashion you fancy is proportioned toward the typical tiny Japanese body frame. However hope is not lost for plus or larger sized admirers of Lolita fashion.

Just like with my previous article on Lolita vs. height Japanese brands are starting to adjusting their clothing sizes to fit larger body structures. Meta makes L size blouses and dresses. Baby offers shirred and partially shirred jumper skirts and recently is making different sizes for blouse and dresses. Angelic Pretty has a handful of shirred articles. And yes, even Moi-même-Moitié makes shirred jumper skirts!

Many lovers of classical brands, myself included, weep that they are not more inclined to make larger sizes. However, they seem to be working on it. Innocent World and Victorian Maiden have sporadically released shirred waist skirts.

Yes you saw correctly. Not only am I extremely tall, but I’m also plus sized. This however does not keep me from wearing the fashions I love. Nor should it keep anyone from wearing what they want or enjoying life to the fullest.

There are restrictions of course though! No matter how much you love that piece of clothing brand, if it does not fit your measurements leave it be. There is no point in squeezing into a brand item. It will 1.) ruin the article of clothing and 2.) look ill suited on you.

For larger lolita there are alternative options to brand.

- Bodyline has lately been replicating brand prints. Their sizes can run slightly larger than brands and they offer a queen size for some of their designs. Bodyline however tends to run short and their designs and lace can be less than brand quality.

- There are Western based brands that make larger items. In the Starlight, ITS, and Candy Violet are some brands I have heard make larger sizes.

- Contacting a seamstress to make a replica is another option.

- Then there is always Fan+Friends. They make custom sized articles and replicas.

- Finally there is sewing your own clothing. This will ensure that the clothing is a custom fit to your measurements and you can experiment with new and fun designs.

But all of these opportunities don’t leave out the fact that exercise and a nutritional diet should always be your main choice! Do not do it to fit until a piece of clothing that ten years down the road you might not have an interest in anymore. Do it for yourself and your health.

With that I have to go now, lunch is calling!

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