Thursday, July 23, 2009

Summery dismay

With winter long past and the temperature outside steadily climbing toward unbearable I retreat indoors to a cooler environment and the season I most dread drags across North America. I loathe summer: hot and humid temperatures, crowded roads, and sporadic rain showers. Adding lolita fashion into that mixture is anything but delightful.

As complicated as this fashion can be it can still be treated like any other. Short sleeves are a must. During this season brands and replica companies gratefully release sandals and open-toe shoes. Also I have also noticed that summer lines seem to release jumper skirts and skirts that are made out from a lighter material.

~ Impracticality:
Lolita is essentially an impractical fashion; however, there are times that fact it is helpful. Summer however is definitely the time of year where four layers of undergarments are not practical. One pieces are an alternatives to the multi-layer issue. Your whole outfit is one layer leaving only the needs for a petti-coat and bloomers.

All tulle petticoat: While petticoats can add insulation in the winter they can also keep you cool during the summer. I own two styles of petticoat. I have a full fabric covered petticoat for the winter and I have an all tulle tiered petticoat for the summer. Depending on the stiffness of the tulle petticoat they can be splendidly airy and can actually hold a skirt form well. Tulle can irritating against bare skin so I had my petticoat lined with a soft lace.

~ Baring it all:
While ladies must be aware of the ever present modesty issue; it seems to take a back seat to comfortability during this season. During summer and places where the temperature is constantly humid it is acceptable for lolitas to go blouse-less under their jumper skirts. Also during this season lolita around the world have bent the rules a little and wear dainty ankle socks.

Other tips:
Here are some other tips I use that help me making it through these hotter months.
- Socks are definitely more pleasant to wear than tights.
- Carry sunblock in your bag.
- Accessories such as fans will help keep you cool while walking outdoors.
- Parasols will aid in shading you from the sun.
- Wear updo hairstyles.
- Drink plenty of water. Because of the multiple layers you can dehydrate easily.
- If you are too embarrassed to go blouse-less with your jumper skirt wear a short sleeve bolero.

Although this is my least favorite of seasons there are some wonderful things about it too... Outdoor sports such as badminton and volleyball are a few favorite summer sports. Swimming and visiting the beach on warm days. Day trips to topiary gardens and flower shows are all the rage right now. And finally, eating ice cream on cool a summer night. Actually that sounds like a wonderful idea. I hope everyone enjoys their summer! Bye~

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Saturday, July 18, 2009

To: Princessly Living

~Happy Birthday!~

As of today Princessly Living is 1 year old. I greatly thank everyone for reading and commenting on my little blog. I never thought it would have done so well. Over this year I learned that this type of blogging can actually be work. But I really love running this blog and I think I’ve grown from this whole experience.

- I conjoined the ideals and column categories for easier navigation.
- The neglected inspirations category was also incorporated into the column category.
- The blogger url received a much needed update.

In the next year I hope to incorporate new categories
~ Crafts: Different crafts I would like to share
~ Photos: Self explanatory
~ Sweet finds: Items I have found lately

Just to name a few. And hopefully much more.

If anyone has sent a request for their free gift and has not received a responding e-mail back from me reply to this entry with your e-mail address and I will contact you.

Thursday, July 16, 2009


All ladies have heard the tale of two women showing up at an event wearing the same ensemble. The horror! There are always only three scenarios that happen. 1.) The women brawl until one is forced to leave the event, 2.) the two women avoid each other like the plague, or 3.) one woman sneaks off to change into a different outfit. Women seem to have a fear that the other person might look prettier in the outfit than they do. Or they might fear their popularity status will decrease because their reputation for having first off the rack style is no longer true.

However these awkward moments never seems to happen with the Lolita fashion. I believe Lolita and himegyaru might be the only two fashions where this instance in celebrated if not planned. If one lolita is cute than two is double the fun!

Twinning can be accomplished in a variety of ways: with contrasting colors, identically outfits or fraternally outfits.

This style of twinning happens when the duo are wearing the same print just in a different color or with all black vs. all white combinations. The twins could be wearing just contrasting jumper skirts or their whole outfit color could be opposite their twin.

The pair are dressed in exactly the same print with identical or similar accessories. This style of twinning can be difficult with deco style outfits.

Picture from flickr username: librarianguish

The pair are dressed mainly in the same colors sharing one common article of clothing but with completely different outfits. This style of twinning can also occur if one twin is wearing a jumper skirt or one piece of a certain print while the other twin is wearing the matching skirt. I believe this style would be easiest for deco coordinations.

Picture from flickr username: buttonss

Triplets and even quadruplets can be seen in Lolita fashion. Usually they are not identical though. Too many copies of the exact same coordination takes the fun out of this style.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Thank you

Photobucket With Princessly Living's first birthday approaching within a week I wanted to do something special.

To thank you my readers I want to send you a thank you letter and a little free gift. I bought a bunch of these cute erasers. I thought they matched my blog's theme well. I will pick one at random and send one, or more, to you.

These cute little sweets actually do erase well and come apart.

If you would like one feel free to e-mail me. If you are not a visible follower of this blog I need to see a link to Princessly Living or some proof that you do visit often. Email requests will only be accepted until July 18th.

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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Sweet Find?

With no sight of Angelic Pretty restocking the Sweet Cake shoe series and Secret Shop no longer offering replicas because of the Love Decoration shoe line. Many admirers of the Sweet Cake shoes, myself included, have given up hope on owning a pair or a replicate of that line.

But it seems all hope might not be lost. An ebay store called Coser Dream has started to make replicas of the Sweet Cake shoes. Upon first glance there are some big differences between the replica and the original shoe.

Coser Dream’s:

The biggest but negligible difference of course is that the originals have a cork wedge heel. Also Coser Dream’s replicas have an oversized bow problem along with weird trim. But these can be overlooked as well. And lastly the originals have a space between the frontal white area and the insert area’s trim, while Coser Dream’s replica has a very small gap between the two. This too is also negligible.

While I would have preferred to buy a pair of originals from Angelic Pretty or Secret Shop's replicas I am willing to try this shop. I will have to make a review once they arrive.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Being a princess in public

~Princess in disguise~

Regrettably there will always be times when dressing princessly in public is not appropriate. These times usually are when a dress code of sorts is required such as during school and work. But this does not mean you need to drop your love for being unconventional though. It only needs to be toned down slightly.

I work in a hospital during the weekends, so for health and practical reasons I am unable to dress in my favorite fashions. As with all hospitals: staff must wear scrubs, maintain a simple and suitable nail length and style, and have a well groomed up-do hair style. However, I incorporate small accessories and cute designs into my outfit. I buy and make scrubs with cute prints and pastel colors. I paint my nails to match my scrubs. I wear clips in my hair or use ponytail holders with bows or flowers. My ID badge hangs from a cupcake themed lanyard and has a deco design. Finally my pens are adorable specialty pens from a local Korean store.

There are always ways to express your love for alterative fashions even when you have to observe mandatory societal codes.

♥ Add cute straps and accessories to your purse/bag/bookbag
♥ Buy cute notebooks to use
♥ Use cute pens and pencils
♥ Style your hair in adorable styles
♥ Wear cute hair accessories – bows, hearts, etc.
♥ Paint your nails to match your outfit
♥ Decorate your ID or your ID holder

Remember, it is always best to slowly infuse these items into your outfit so you desensitize your coworkers, classmate, or whomever it may concern to your “odd taste in fashion”. One week start to wear a new hairstyle. Then two weeks or so later include a hair clip or two.

Thursday, July 2, 2009


~But this is me...~

If you are a lover of any alterative fashion you will hear or have complaints about being accepted. Most of the time the complaints are about family members and other times friends. One must remember that it is human nature for people to shun or ridicule something they do not understand.

If the persons having the problem are close to you this might be a chance to open their minds and maybe increase the follows of that fashion. However, always remember that your family loves you and REAL friends will never try to put you down about something you are excited about.

The only things you can do are:

1.) Stay calm
- becoming upset, yelling, and seeming irrational will not help your cause

2.) Clarify the fashion as best as possible
- explain how the fashion started, where it originated from
- show magazines, videos, and articles

3.) If your family still doesn’t approve except their wishes
- save money and wait until you move out. Then you can dress however you like.
- incorporate small accessories or items into normal clothes/ room

As for the matter of peer acceptance, that is a harder fact to shallow. Society has developed a means to keep people from accepting deviations from the norm, peer pressure. People no matter the age have to deal with peer pressure. You can either cave and fit into the social norm or you can express your true self and show the world who you really are.

Society will either accept this and love your uniqueness, hate the fashion all together, or express a lack of interest. Remember though, if it makes you happy wear it. If you are happy it should not matter what anyone thinks or says.