Thursday, July 9, 2009

Sweet Find?

With no sight of Angelic Pretty restocking the Sweet Cake shoe series and Secret Shop no longer offering replicas because of the Love Decoration shoe line. Many admirers of the Sweet Cake shoes, myself included, have given up hope on owning a pair or a replicate of that line.

But it seems all hope might not be lost. An ebay store called Coser Dream has started to make replicas of the Sweet Cake shoes. Upon first glance there are some big differences between the replica and the original shoe.

Coser Dream’s:

The biggest but negligible difference of course is that the originals have a cork wedge heel. Also Coser Dream’s replicas have an oversized bow problem along with weird trim. But these can be overlooked as well. And lastly the originals have a space between the frontal white area and the insert area’s trim, while Coser Dream’s replica has a very small gap between the two. This too is also negligible.

While I would have preferred to buy a pair of originals from Angelic Pretty or Secret Shop's replicas I am willing to try this shop. I will have to make a review once they arrive.

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