Saturday, July 18, 2009

To: Princessly Living

~Happy Birthday!~

As of today Princessly Living is 1 year old. I greatly thank everyone for reading and commenting on my little blog. I never thought it would have done so well. Over this year I learned that this type of blogging can actually be work. But I really love running this blog and I think I’ve grown from this whole experience.

- I conjoined the ideals and column categories for easier navigation.
- The neglected inspirations category was also incorporated into the column category.
- The blogger url received a much needed update.

In the next year I hope to incorporate new categories
~ Crafts: Different crafts I would like to share
~ Photos: Self explanatory
~ Sweet finds: Items I have found lately

Just to name a few. And hopefully much more.

If anyone has sent a request for their free gift and has not received a responding e-mail back from me reply to this entry with your e-mail address and I will contact you.


Violet LeBeaux said...

I'm really looking forward to what else you're going to come up with for this blog, I love reading it!
P.S. I'm not sure if it's just me but the RSS feed I was taking from your old blog url didn't switch over so I didn't get these last 2 updates *_*

Lady Kristen said...

Thank you! That is weird. I will have to look at the feed and see what is happening.

Narcissique said...

Congratulations! I recently discovered your blog and I think it's very cute and interesting ^^

Lady Kristen said...

Thank you Narcissique for visiting and leaving a comment!

Koneko Hidari said...

Congratulations for the first year!
Wish you many many years more from now ^-^
Thank you for your inspirating thoughts and ideas!!

Lady Kristen said...

Thank you so much Koneko Hidari! Thank you for your wishes. I hope I will be writing this many years from now too.

Lolita-chan said...

Thank you very,very much for following me ! ^-^ It makes me really happy!<3