Thursday, July 16, 2009


All ladies have heard the tale of two women showing up at an event wearing the same ensemble. The horror! There are always only three scenarios that happen. 1.) The women brawl until one is forced to leave the event, 2.) the two women avoid each other like the plague, or 3.) one woman sneaks off to change into a different outfit. Women seem to have a fear that the other person might look prettier in the outfit than they do. Or they might fear their popularity status will decrease because their reputation for having first off the rack style is no longer true.

However these awkward moments never seems to happen with the Lolita fashion. I believe Lolita and himegyaru might be the only two fashions where this instance in celebrated if not planned. If one lolita is cute than two is double the fun!

Twinning can be accomplished in a variety of ways: with contrasting colors, identically outfits or fraternally outfits.

This style of twinning happens when the duo are wearing the same print just in a different color or with all black vs. all white combinations. The twins could be wearing just contrasting jumper skirts or their whole outfit color could be opposite their twin.

The pair are dressed in exactly the same print with identical or similar accessories. This style of twinning can be difficult with deco style outfits.

Picture from flickr username: librarianguish

The pair are dressed mainly in the same colors sharing one common article of clothing but with completely different outfits. This style of twinning can also occur if one twin is wearing a jumper skirt or one piece of a certain print while the other twin is wearing the matching skirt. I believe this style would be easiest for deco coordinations.

Picture from flickr username: buttonss

Triplets and even quadruplets can be seen in Lolita fashion. Usually they are not identical though. Too many copies of the exact same coordination takes the fun out of this style.


Violet LeBeaux said...

I loooove twinning! You're right I think that Lolita/Hime Gyaru is the only fashion where eyes wouldn't be clawed out... then again if it was unplanned twinning the result might be different!

Lady Kristen said...

True. I have never encountered bad unplanned twinning moments though. Not to say that cannot happen. But I believe twins are so cute together so there should never be hard feelings.

Anonymous said...

Coordinating lolita outfits are always more fun!

I wear boystyle exclusively, so twinning never happens with me per se, but I always dress to coordinate and match my little wifey. It's amazing how much more people sit up and take notice when two lolitas go together!

Lady Kristen said...

Matching boystyle and lolita couples are so adorable! Your wifey is lucky to have you dressing up with her.