Tuesday, August 18, 2009


I like many fellow lolita and himegyaru am a shopaholic. I believe there is nothing wrong with this being such. But with the more regalia you own the responsibility to keep things organized becomes greater.

Lately I noticed my jewelry box becoming overcrowded with earrings and my make-up bag budging with the multitude of new nail polishes I purchased. So doing what I do best I went and bought an earrings stand and polish rank to display and keep these items well organized.

I really love this earring stand from ebay. It revolves and can come in a black, silver, or bronze color. It is available in the circular shape you seen in my picture or a square shape. This stand holds 96 pairs of earrings and there is an even larger stand that holds 128 pairs. This stand is compact and actually pretty. The metal strips are well spaced so that my dangly earrings can be fully displayed.

This rack was purchased on ebay as well. I bought the clear plastic so I can decorate it later without the worry or any clashing colors. I am currently gathering ideas for the decoration now. Expect pictures of it later.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The 'How To' for the Princess-in-Training

"Forget your Inner Child. Who wants to embrace that whiny mess? Your Inner Princess is calling...and she's got some fabulous plans for you... [sic]"
-- Princess Jacqueline de Soignée

As I mentioned before I love my penpals and I truly love receiving and giving gifts. This time my lovely penpal has sent me a delightfully satirical book called The Princess-in-Training Manual because she said this fits into my genre.

This is actually a self-help book disguised as a first person fiction. This two-in-one flip book includes Divas Don't Fake It on the other side, which I haven't read yet. Much like The Princess-in-Training Manual Divas Don't Fake It is a first person guide to being the prefect diva.

This 159 page story follows the events of Princess Jacqueline de Soignée as she deals with her first movie cameo, writing the book, woes of tabloid paparazzi, misfortunes with a "Prince Not-So-Charming", and the burdens of her two crazy health guru and weight conscious friends. All the while showing you how to be graceful and poised through her actions and advice.

Some advice Princess Jacqueline featured in this book:
A Princess:
- ". . . loves herself and loves being who she is."
- ". . . never considers herself entitled to more than others."
- ". . . knows her regalness is an obvious fact requiring no overt behavior to prove it."¹
- ". . . is not prefect. Even diamonds have flaws."
- ". . . knows she deserves what she dreams of, and sets out to get it herself."
- ". . . knows how to love herself just as she is and how to enjoy life."
- ". . . knows self-acceptance and poise are the cornerstones of beauty."
- ". . . carries herself as if she thinks she looks stunning no matter what she's wearing."
- ". . . is never brought down to anyone's level. She sets her own standard and expects others to rise to meet it."
- ". . . helps those around her feel as comfortable doing what feels right for them as she does doing what feels right for her."
- ". . . knows it's all about creating your own style, not spending a ton of money you can't afford."

This story was an amusing hour looking into the life of a faux 21st century princess. I did not learning anything new reading this. It is also neither the best nor worst self esteem book I have ever come across either. This fits more into the category of a time filler read. This would be prefect for a long bus ride, getting stuck in traffic, or just a short time in which you need to let your mind wander.

If you are looking for a little pick-me-up or a lighthearted read and do not mind the frequent label dropping I would recommend this.

Soignee, Jacqueline De. Princess in training manual. Don Mills, Ontario: Red Dress Ink, 2003. Yes, I went Junior Highschool MLA style!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Grand Opening

The frenzy is starting to build! With only 8 days and X number of hours until the grand opening of the new BABY, THE STARS SHINE BRIGHT shop in San Francisco meetings are being finalized, hotels booked, and outfits planned.

However, I will not be joining the hundreds of people planning a cross country trip for opening day on August 15th. Though I sincerely wish all that are attending the best of wishes, a bountiful wallet, and a wonderful time.

In honor of this event NEW PEOPLE and BABY are hosting a tea party with model Aoki Misako and designer Uehara Kumiko on August 16th. According to NEW PEOPLE the first 50 customers to spend over $200 will be invited to this invitation only special event. Happy shopping to you!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

To offbrand or not to offbrand

Does brand make the lolita?

This topic has been brought up time and time again. People choose offbrand over brand items for many reasons: money issues, size problems, opportunities to have a larger wardrobe, variety, or wanting to support entrepreneurs.

The common answer to that question is no. However a very small group of brand enthusiasts believe that to be a true lolita you must have a closet of highly coveted purely brand only items. I however am not one of them. I believe that one’s closet value does not make you better lolitas than those that own no brand at all.

I use and encourage the use of offbrand items. I believe that as long as your ensemble meets the basic lolita criteria of quality, shape, and aesthetics there is no reason why any of the articles of your ensemble or accessories cannot be offbrand. The only time your outfit must be brand only is if you are attending a brand specific event.

The use of offbrand items adds an uniqueness to your outfit that cannot be achieved with using brand only items. Another reason I support using offbrand items is that it helps small or new business owners. Amazingly I find that sometimes I prefer my offbrand accessories more than those I paid twice as much for from a brand store.

But remember to make an ensemble work perfectly your offbrand items need to be good quality.

- Beware ebay shops. The quality of most of these shops can be horrible, the lace is poor quality and overwhelming and 90% of the time the item’s picture is from a brand shop.
- Popular stores such as H&M, Kohl’s, Forever 21, claire’s, and Target carry items that would be perfect for lolita and himegyaru.
- There are also plenty of stores which carry replica or offbrand shoes. Secret Shop and Montreal are some of the well trusted offbrands.
- Many seamstresses from the main egl livejournal community make top quality items that could rival any brand.
- There are less mainstream shops such as Bodyline and Anna House which are popular.

Forever 21:
Bought from ebay:
(I wear these w/ both lolita and himegyaru outfits)