Tuesday, August 18, 2009


I like many fellow lolita and himegyaru am a shopaholic. I believe there is nothing wrong with this being such. But with the more regalia you own the responsibility to keep things organized becomes greater.

Lately I noticed my jewelry box becoming overcrowded with earrings and my make-up bag budging with the multitude of new nail polishes I purchased. So doing what I do best I went and bought an earrings stand and polish rank to display and keep these items well organized.

I really love this earring stand from ebay. It revolves and can come in a black, silver, or bronze color. It is available in the circular shape you seen in my picture or a square shape. This stand holds 96 pairs of earrings and there is an even larger stand that holds 128 pairs. This stand is compact and actually pretty. The metal strips are well spaced so that my dangly earrings can be fully displayed.

This rack was purchased on ebay as well. I bought the clear plastic so I can decorate it later without the worry or any clashing colors. I am currently gathering ideas for the decoration now. Expect pictures of it later.


Applesushi said...

The stands are so cute and useful! I recently found that i have the same problem with overcrowding of errings and nail polish, i will definatly invest in an earring stand as i always have to search for the pair i want!

Lady Kristen said...

The earring stand is definitely one of the best items I have bought recently. It was cleared up so much room in my jewelry box. I recommend it.

Violet LeBeaux said...

Oh that is a great idea! I keep my nail polishes in a big ugly box and my make up is just all over the place. I need some cute storage ideas like this ^_^

Lady Kristen said...

You're welcome!

My nail polish bag was a sorry sight too and I could never find the color I wanted. These two displays are inexpensive and great for showing all of my lovelies.

Narcissique said...

I have an earring stand, but I use it when I sell my handmade earrings, I haven't thought to use it for my room, it is a good idea!

Cale said...

That earring stand is perfect! <3

Lady Kristen said...

Narcissique: Using the stand keeps everything so well organized and it makes it easier for me to decide which I want to wear for the day.

Cale: Thank you! I think so too. <3

La-vie-en-rose said...

I really love your idea with the nail polish stand!
I never saw something for sale like this here in Germany unfortunately. But the idea is great! I am looking forward to see more of your ideas and how you decided to decorate the stand! :D