Wednesday, September 16, 2009

International Loli Day

A Holiday Made By Lolita for Lolita

Since today is the exact middle between the two Lolidays I decided to make this post. Last Loliday there were a few questions to the main egl community about the community-made holiday called International Lolita Day, Loliday for short. International Lolita Day is a biannual event, which means it is celebrated twice a year. Since 2005 the preplanned dates for this holiday have been the first Saturday in June and the first Saturday in December.

International Lolita Day is a day for lolita to host and go to meet-ups in masse to introduce and possibly educate your community/city/state about the lolita fashion. To show off your latest summery or wintry wardrobe additions. And last but not least to make new friends!

Meet-ups can of course be a couple friends, small groups, large communities, or combined communities.

December 5th will be the next scheduled date.

Are you already planning what to do for your Loliday?

Future dates:
2010: June 5th | December 4th
2011: June 4th | December 3rd
2012: June 2nd | December 1st

Friday, September 4, 2009

The golden rule

If you cannot say anything nice, don't say anything at all.

Princess, debutante, lolita. To some these words bring certain images to mind of spoiled brats, superiority complexes, catty arguments, gossip, and premadonnas.

Wearers of lolita fashion have been exhibiting undo cattiness instead of the attitude worthy of Victorian dolls and maidens the fashion was originally made to portray. Princesses are categorized as being vain, overly pompous divas instead of the lovable, charitable matriarchs that most little girls aspire to be. Just because you can wear a crown doesn’t mean you deserve the princessly title.

Remember that when you are dressed up you are not only representing yourself, you are also acting as representative of whichever fashion you are wearing. No one will consider you lovely and lady-like if you cannot act appropriately. The aesthetics and beauty of the lolita and princess fashions diminish when the wearer does not portray herself as a lady.

However, life isn’t always going to be cupcakes, rainbows, and tea parties. There will always be times when you must put your foot down and there is always a princessly way to do it. You don’t have to be meek, but in no way should you act like a drunkard or a sailor.

- Ask yourself "Is the argument truly worth it?"
- Avoid snid comments and gossip
- Try to act friendly toward everyone
- Avoid arguments
- Never talk down to anyone
- Stay calm
- Do not engage in a battle of volume use your wit
- Do not fight for the last word
- Be the more mature person and walk away

As I was working on this column Victoria the author of the popular lolita blog Lolita Charm wrote an article on the downfall of the lolita fashion. I agree with her on some points presented in her article "Endangered Species: Lolita". In small alternative fashions such as lolita and himegyaru each of us should be encouraging the newer or less educated members instead of pruning them off like the less prolific flower buds from a rose bush. In no way do I think the fashion is dying out. However, I believe we are developing a nasty reputation that will attract the most uncouth sort of individuals.

While wanting to be popular in a fashion is understandable, acting like a nasty common high school most-popular clique is not. No one wants to be friends with those girls because they are nice. People only want to be recognized by them so they can become popular as well. This sadly seems to be the future path our favorite fashions are heading towards.