Wednesday, September 16, 2009

International Loli Day

A Holiday Made By Lolita for Lolita

Since today is the exact middle between the two Lolidays I decided to make this post. Last Loliday there were a few questions to the main egl community about the community-made holiday called International Lolita Day, Loliday for short. International Lolita Day is a biannual event, which means it is celebrated twice a year. Since 2005 the preplanned dates for this holiday have been the first Saturday in June and the first Saturday in December.

International Lolita Day is a day for lolita to host and go to meet-ups in masse to introduce and possibly educate your community/city/state about the lolita fashion. To show off your latest summery or wintry wardrobe additions. And last but not least to make new friends!

Meet-ups can of course be a couple friends, small groups, large communities, or combined communities.

December 5th will be the next scheduled date.

Are you already planning what to do for your Loliday?

Future dates:
2010: June 5th | December 4th
2011: June 4th | December 3rd
2012: June 2nd | December 1st


Princess said...

is necesary?? XDDD i dont believe to much in "days" but i think its a good idea for the new ones!! them i love to go aout with other lolis, any days of the months :)

mmmm what are you going to do??

take caree!!!

candiesandlaces (Valentine) said...

I actually really like the idea of a loliday <3 I'll probably have a big picnic!

Lilly said...

Hi Lady Kristen^^,

thanks for commenting on my blog recently! A few years ago I was also a Lolita, so I think your blog is enchanting!^^. May I post your picture of the shelf with the many nail polish? (Of course I'll link to your blog).
Love, Lilly :)

Lady Kristen said...

Princess:No it isn't necessary. But it is still fun to say we lolita have our own holiday. I agree with you, I love to out with a group of lolita any day as well.

I work on the weekends so I do not have a plan as of yet. I am thinking about calling off for that day and joining a meet-up.

candiesandlaces (Valentine): That is an excellent idea.

Lilly: You are more than welcome. I don't mind if you use my picture. Thank you ahead of time for posting my link as well.