Friday, October 16, 2009

Heart floor cushion

Some family members should be avoided at all cost. But that is not the focus of this entry so I will get to that in a moment.

For my first craft project I decided to post my heart floor cushion.

This project started out with a water main break in my house. Which led to a collapsed waterlogged ceiling destroying a majority of the furniture in my room including my computer desk. I went on a search for a new desk but could not find any I liked. Being thrifty I thought the old butler's table from the foyer would make a cute desk. It works well and does not overpower my room. The only problem was I had to sit on the floor.

This new problem sent me on another quest: a floor cushion. I knew what I wanted, a blue heart, but I couldn't find a store that made that shape or color combination. This is where my family member comes into the picture.

My aunt having discovered her new ecological conservationist roots bought me three cushions from her couch she was going to get rid of.

- "Recycling these will help the environment!", she told me.
- I pointed out to her that not throwing away her couch because she wanted a new one would also help the environment. She ignored my wonderful advice while throwing the cushions in my room and running off to the nearest furniture store. (I need to stop before I get on a tangent.)

Now left with these three disgraces to the environment and my own devices, I began my work.

1. I cut half of the cushions down the middle and toward the ends making sure not the cut through the folds I had created.

2. I basted the cushions together to keep them in place. Then I drew the outline of the heart I wanted.

3. I then cut the heart out. ❤

5. Measuring the heart, I cut out the fabric pattern. (The fabric is "Soft & Comfy" and is actually a light sky blue color.)

6. Then I sewed the fabric together, put it on the cushion form, and sewed the pillow closed.

Ta-da! Now I have a wonderful "environment-saving" floor cushion which is very comfortable.

The only problem now is my cats like to steal it while I'm not looking.


Violet LeBeaux said...

Oh that is adorable! Yay for craft projects. That fabric looks really beautiful ^_^

Lady Kristen said...

Thank you!
The fabric is indeed beautiful and very soft. If the cushion were not gigantic I would probably carry it around the house with me all day.

Craft projects are wonderful. I especially loved your Krrunch project. I would have never thought of folding the Pringles cover to make roses.

Anonymous said...

Cute! I like the idea for it :3 your kitties are cute! And the small minidesk is super cute too :D

P.S. it is spelled "sewing" not "sowing" unless you are planting seeds!

Anonymous said...

that cushion is so cute!

La-vie-en-rose said...

This is an adorable craft project! And it looks so comfy too.

Lynne said...

Really cute! Of course the kitties took it over! All cats assume they are entitled to the best of everything-- :3

Lolitadewdrop said...

That is such a clever idea! I love that you re-used something. More people should be doing things like this.

P.S You have the most adorable cats!

Lady Kristen said...

Thank you spiralred and La-vie-en-rose ! I did not think that I would receive this many comments for this craft. ❤

Sparklewolfie: Thank you for the correction. I was typing too quickly to catch that mistake.

Lynne: I love how cats feel especially assume they are entitled toward textbooks.

Lolitadewdrop : Thank you! It was an excellent idea. Though I wish they were not part of a cause for my aunt to buy another couch (which she is currently unhappy with). Thank you. My kitties are cute, but can be bad.

Anonymous said...

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Peacefulmom said...

I was introduced to your blog by my daughter, yipyipfoxy. Looking forward to visiting often.

Great project! I like the "think outside the box" approach you took by cutting the cushions to open them up.