Thursday, October 22, 2009


I have recently became aware of a new magazine tailored toward the hime-kei fashion. I love collecting various other lolita and gyaru fashion magazines, so when I found out about Hime☆Style I ordered it right away! I purchased the three issues available on at the time. Sadly the August issue went out of print while I was waiting for shipment and now all the past issues seem to have gone out of print as well.

I waited excitedly for my package to arrive. However, upon opening it I was a little discouraged at how thin the books were. The July/09 issue is 98pgs and Oct/09 issue is only 96pgs. But I know new magazines are not going to have tons of features during the first issues.

These are in essence a smaller version of the ageha magazines. The street snap section dominates the front of the books. There are tiny sections on the deco items and nail designs. Hime☆Style features a few pages of hair styling, brand modeling, quizzes, music recommendations and model recommendations. Images of the model's blogs, purikara, the model's free time activities, and picture outtakes are featured in both issues as well. And of course the typical ageha plastic surgery before and after ads dominate the final pages.

(I so plan on typing Kyumi's curly pigtails.)

The weirdest section I must say is the model recommendation for cosmetic beauty clinics along with the pictures of their false eyelash attachments, botox injections, tattoo removal, and art makeup (which by the look of the machine in the photo appears to be cosmetic tattooing).


The street snaps are a mixture of styles. I've seen himegyaru, hime casual, and plain casual clothes.


Hime☆Style is an okay magazine. I plan to buy the future issues, but it will in no way deter me from buying more ageha. I hope the future issues will have more brand modeling since these two issues have nearly none at all.

I am going to need to use an additional shelf soon.


Caro-chan said...

I looove your collection of magazines there! I'm quite jealous!

Lady Kristen said...

Thank you! I wish there was a shop besides and eBay where I could buy Ray and Ageha.

Anna said...

you have such a nice collection *_*!
Your review about the magazine Hime Style was interesting :)!

candiesandlaces (Valentine) said...

Oh, wow, I want those magazines!

G.MC said...

Hey Kristen :)
It's me Ria ^^
Sorry I didnt get chance to E-mail you back, but I'll be reading your blog!
I also like Hime Style! It is really cute! I love Ageha and SKawaii :P

I also began a blog; there isn't much to say yet <33

Lolitadewdrop said...

You said "but it will in no way deter me from buying more ageha",
I was wondering if you could perhaps tell me what Ageha is? I live in South Africa and I have never heard of such a magazine. :)
You have such a wonderful collection!

Lady Kristen said...

Anna and candiesandlaces (Valentine): Thank you!

G.MC: Hello~! I don't mind about the E-mail. Thank you for reading! I've looked through a few issues of SKawaii. I tend of like Ray and Pinky better though.

Lolitadewdrop: Ageha is short for Koakuma Ageha. It's a magazine featuring gyaru, himegyaru, agejo, and hostess styled clothing. It features styling, make-up, hair, and nail techniques. Along with brand modeling, accessory displays, and multiple other sections.