Thursday, October 8, 2009

To thine own self be true

Every etiquette book and princess training manual talks about the topic of hobbies. Being a lifestyle advocate I love the ideas of tea parties, badminton, and embroidery. However, changing your actions and past times for the sake of clothing is pointless.

I still enjoy and participate in the hobbies I was interested in before I discovered lolita, and I have no plan on changing. I will never eliminate Saturday morning video games or warm summer days playing volleyball with friends.

No matter how much you love a fashion or want to adopt it into your lifestyle you should not change who you are or what you like just to fit into some ideal image. Don't let someone you do not know dictate how you are going to act and who you are going to be. It is pointless to do so. You are not being true to yourself and will eventually grow tired for the charade. It is the 21st century there is no point in being restricted by a set of lady-like gender restrictive ideals from several centuries ago.

Developing new hobbies is always excellent. If you genuinely want to learn to play violin, do so. However, if you want to learn because it will make you more lolita you are not being true to yourself.

This weekend I will be attending the video game expo in Philadelphia. I am really excited, this is the first mass attendance event I have ever been to.

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend as well.

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Princess Tsuki said...

By the time I found lolita, I was already interested in Jrock, particularily Mana's and Kamijo's businesses, so I naturally grew fond of classical-styled hobbies. I didn't wake up and start liking them, in fact, I was very fond of Lareine and Malice Mizer's history-inspired outfits so when I started growing fond of Rococo and similar styles, I didn't feel forced to like these things, I just did like them naturally. It's something that caught my attention without any external force.