Friday, November 13, 2009

Not feeling it

Everyone has those days, weeks, or months when you are just not feeling in the mood to do anything much less dress up. You search for the most comfortable pair of jeans, put on a plain T-shirt, tie you hair in a bun, and find the biggest pair of sunglasses to hide your face. It can be caused by weather, stressers, changes in season, or any number of issues in life.

I was previously in one of these phases.. I like to wear lolita, casual princess-style, or princess-style clothes as much as possible, but every once in awhile a break is warranted. It breaks the monotony of my wardrobe and gives me an opportunity to explore new fashions. No matter what some people may say, I believe that the clothes do not make a lolita. Even if I am in the grungiest of clothes and covered in mud I am still a princess.

During these times of grunginess there are generally two options:
1.) Force yourself to dress up
2.) Take a reprieve

I tend to avoid option number one. I believe dressing up should be an activity to take pleasure in and look forward to, not dreaded as if it were a chore. Forcing yourself to dress up might result in a decline in interest of the fashion you used to love.

Taking a reprieve can sometimes allow one to expand their wardrobe. In the case of myself, I find that taking a break from dressing up allows me to rediscover my love for the fashion. It also allows me to sit down and decide if the item(s) I am currently coveting are truly something I want to buy or an impulse purchase.

Take a reprieve, explore new fashion ventures, and when you return to the fashion you're taking a break from rediscover your love for it. And always remember look for the best in every situation and enjoy everyday to the fullest!

P.S. Happy Friday the 13th.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Sweet Cake Shoe Replica

As promised, here is my pair of Sweet Cake Shoe replicas from Coser Dream.

You can definitely tell the difference between this replica and the Angelic Pretty original. But they are consistent with the stock imagine from their auction page.

Coser Dream was wonderful. I gave them the size of the shoe I wanted but to make sure that my shoes fit they asked me for a measurement of my feet. It took about 3 weeks for my shoes to arrive. The box was slightly dented in a corner but there was no damaged to the shoes.

My shoes fit perfectly! I wore them all day Saturday to the VGXPO and had no foot pain. I would recommend giving a centimeter or so extra when you order this shoe style for the purpose of the longer Velcro straps. Every once in awhile the strap across my foot would un-Velcro if I flexed my foot too quickly.

Small scuffs are easily rubbed off the material. The bows appear to be glued on, but are rather well attached. The Velcro is sewn on well. The soles of the shoes have a slightly gripping rubber which I was thankful for because the show room at the VGXPO was not carpeted. The white scalloped material is very soft so no worries about them scratching your tights. The wedge soles of the shoes are hard so if you plan on wearing the shoes repeatedly for long periods of time a cushioned insole is recommended.

The available colors for these replicas are White/Cream/Pink/Orange/Red/Wine Red/Gold/Silver/Blue/Black. Until I am able to find a better looking replica I plan on order a few more pairs of these shoes.

Angelic Pretty's orginials.

♡ Customer service: 10/10 - perfect
♡ Product: 9.5/10 - perfect
♡ Shipping: 10/10 - perfect
♡ Fit: 9.5/10 - perfect