Friday, December 11, 2009


So far I have been using a normal store-bought winter coat. But lately, I have been wanting a sweet lolita/hime style winter coat. Having been unsuccessful at finding anything close to what I want in stores I have finally turned to brands.

I must say the brand I least expected to produce a simple coat has made what I feel is so far the best looking design for a coat this season.

❤ Angelic Pretty's Pretty Girl Coat ❤

It comes in three colors: pink, blue, and black. I want them all!

Sadly being the large, giantess I am I will have to get them commissioned. Besides, that they seem to be sold out.


Violet LeBeaux said...

I think I am in love with that coat. Why must it just be coming into summer here!? >_<

Lady Kristen said...

I am so in love with it too! You could always just get one and wait for winter there.

Anonymous said...

I just love Angelic pretty,but really expensive.I need a job to afford this kind of wear.

Lady Kristen said...

Brand is indeed expensive and lovely. However, owning brand is not important.

If you cannot afford it you could always buy replicas. There are handful of very talented seamstresses in the egl community. Or there are shops such as QutieLand.