Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Merry Christmas

First I would like to say Merry belated Christmas! I hope everyone had an excellent holiday and got everything they wanted. I was so busy working and with family I did not get to make this post earlier.

The best present I received this year was Milo. He is a large, older cat Brad got from a family friend. She found him roaming on the streets one night and rescued him. Brad knew I wanted a cat and Milo is an absolute sweetheart. And my kittens, D'Artagnan and Leonidas, are still in Delaware. My mother is reluctant to give me any of them. Do not worry. He was given shots and checkout before he was given to me.


In between work I went to a family dinner party. Brad's brother is a chef and likes to cook during holidays. The holiday decorations were so beautiful I took some pictures.

2010-12-26 22.06.48
The lovely decorated walkway back to the cars. It was flurrying throughout the meal.
Lovely tree.
Small village decorations.

The table settings.




Everyone got a confetti popper to open. Inside was a joke, a paper crown, and a small joke toy. I got a pink plastic heart ring for my toy.

My joke:
What was Ms. Claus' maiden name?
Mary Christmas.

You can click on the images to see a larger image. My flickr account also has a few more pictures and some individual decoration images.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Challenge digest

There have been a few lolita secrets lately about missing Princess Portal. Which reminded me that I have missed the old blog too. I do not so much miss the articles, but the monthly challenges. I really enjoyed having an inspirational goal or task to do each month. So I thought I would like to attempt monthly challenge posts myself.

I have been debating about how I was going to go about this. I finally decided that I would take a quote per month and work around that. I think I will make multiple posts throughout the month rather than just one. It is too late this month to start so I will start next year. I am in no way as articulate or creative as Princess Skye, but I will enjoy having monthly incentives to fulfill.

image from: hsn

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Prince or bust

Pet peeve #5: Lolita seeking prince

Sweet lolita searching for a tall, handsome prince to save me from the dragon that is platitudinous fashion. Looking for a prince that is romantic, will pamper me, and knows the difference between Venetian and raschel lace. I am looking for someone that go shopping with me, drink tea, read fictional literature, and will dress to the nines upon my command! He must use his own make-up and adore lolita fashion! Already having an aristocratic or kodono wardrobe is a plus.

I have seen many lolita secrets and forum topics about girls wanting a prince that will dress up with them. I have even come across a forum post about a lolita that was thinking of breaking up with her boyfriend because he would not dress up with her! Yes, you read that correctly. She was planning to leave a perfectly good relationship because of clothing. I find that utterly ridiculous.

Most lolita seem to dislike when people tell them to dress normal. Why would you annoy your partner or leave a relationship because the guy would not change how he dresses? No one has the right to dictate how someone else dresses, except parents who buy clothing for their children, school systems, and supervisors. Just as you are expressing yourself in lolita or gyaru clothing your partner is expressing himself. I feel that someone dictating what I can and cannot wear oppresses a small part of who I am. (However, work dress codes are necessary and do not bother me.) Your partner might feel the same way as well.

I have never seen the girls that make these types of posts take into account that their partners might feel uncomfortable dressing up. I would rather have my fiance be comfortable in jeans and a super hero T-shirt than uncomfortable and self conscious in a suit.

I believe girls should like a guy based on his attitude and personality, not a shallow thing such as the clothes he wears. Remember fashion tastes change as we age. I would rather have a guy that acts princely than one that dresses princely. Just as I feel girls should not use pets or babies as fashion accessories, they also should not use their boyfriends, partners, or husbands as one either.

image from: CartoonStock

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Why does happy ever after have to end?

You can see it on T-shirts, pants, purses, any multitude of accessories, and toys. Princess. This title portrays both innocence and narcissism. Images of Disney princesses, actual royalty, or entitled rich girls come to mind at the mention of the word.

Most girl's are told when they are little that they are princesses. Most movies, coloring books, and toys for girls are princess themed. We are indulged in a world of make believe and fairy tales. Society accepts this. There is nothing wrong with labeling yourself or being labeled a princess when you are in elementary school, and then we are supposed to grow out of it. This phase passes and a new obsession will take its place. But what happens if this interest in princesses does not fade away?

When a girl tends to keep her childhood princess interests she is labeled as another type of princess. She is seen as either being a space cadet or having a princess complex. Images of the show Bridezilla comes to mind when I think of how 'an adult princess' is viewed. Ranting and raving. Nothing is good enough for her. Throwing temper tantrums at the slightly hint that she is not going to get something she wants. She must have the biggest toys and the best items of everyone around her. Wanting to be a princess does not mean that you need to act egotistical and attention seeking. Adult princesses should show the world there is more to being a princess than acting like a diva.

I see nothing wrong with labeling yourself as a princess as long as you can still act your age. There are of course behaviors and activities that are accepting at the age of four and not at the age of twenty-four or forty-four. Wanting the best items you can afford and maintaining a certain appearance is okay. Throwing temper tantrums and manipulating people around are not okay. My mother let me surround myself with a life of fantasy and I have a science degree and a wonderful career.

I have never been ashamed to state I am an adult princess. Besides my love of fantasy and my fashion tastes I am relatively normal. I do not use lolita and himegyaru fashion as an 'I wish I were a Disney princess' escapism tactic. I think of myself as a practical princess. I wear these styles to express my love of girlie and elegant lifestyle I already loved before I knew about these fashions. I am in no way a special snowflake. Nor I do not think I should get everything for free. I neither act like a diva nor a spoiled brat. I enjoy wearing pastel dresses, pearls, and having flowing hair. And I have a love for the ultra-feminine and adorable.

There are so many parents that worry their daughters will not grow out of the princess phase. Why wouldn't you want girls to feel like princesses? It is such a self esteem boost. And what girl does not want to feel the best about herself? So many children and teens nowadays have such low self-esteem and negative body images. Why not let girls portray the princesses they want themselves to be? Princesses embody gracefulness, elegance, charm, and beauty. Their lives are adventurous, full of travel, and meeting new people. Plus they have money and nice material possessions. Of course life cannot always be pearls, rainbows, and cupcakes. Princesses have problems just like anyone else, but they also have assistants and advisers to help them. And who would not like the help of advisers in difficult situations?

Let the little girls grow up to be whom they want. Teach them right from wrong and let their imaginations soar.

image from: Carnegie Club

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Raging e-mails not needed

A few lovely e-mail trolls, or one person with no life, have inspired me on a topic I have been thinking of posting for some time now. Race. For those that do not know I am half African American. You may feel free to unfollow me if that makes you upset or offends you in any way.

This morning I received three nasty e-mails about the fact that I am an African American wearing primarily Asian or Caucasian dominated fashions. If this person(s) took the time to read my blog they would know I enjoy the fact that I am a deviant from normal American society. I also enjoy that I differ from the popular displayed black culture as well. So the sock puppet e-mails do not offend me in the least. I am proud of who I am -taste in fashion, skin color, and hobbies alike-.

This person(s) loved spouting nonsense such as I belong wearing booty jeans, massive hoop earrings, mini skirts, and shirts that leave nothing for the imagination. I have never identified with that kind of style nor do I wear clothing like that. Placing someone in a stereotypical group such as that is beyond archaic. I did not know that clothing defined what race a person belongs to. Does that mean African American gentlemen cannot wear a three piece business suit? Or looking at the other side of the argument, does that mean Caucasians cannot wear brands primarily worn by African Americans?

Other arguments they tried to justify is that I do not fit the picture of a princess or porcelain doll, so why am I trying to portray myself as one? Because it is the 21st century, I can, and I want to. There might be cause for concern if I kept stating I was a Disney princess or if I attempted to wear white foundation and doll make-up, but that is not the case. There have been princesses of all shapes, colors, and sizes throughout history. So I do not know how I could not fit into the image of a princess. I will also point out there are black porcelain dolls.

(She is adorable!)

Yes, lolita/himegyaru is a fashion generally geared toward those with a light complexion. Yes, lolita fashion is based of European fashion and designed by the Japanese. Yes, himegyaru is a fashion which imbues a princessly spirit. However, nowhere is it written that girls or boys of other races cannot wear lolita/himegyaru fashion. Fashion and clothing have no racial discrimination. Clothing tags describe how to care for and wash clothes, but I have never seen one tell who can and cannot wear the clothes.

The grief I receive from my fashion choices does not stop with anonymous e-mails. Much like other lolita/himegyaru I am sometimes chastised by peers, neighbors, and random strangers. I have no problem with being called odd or asked why I dress the way I do. But being rude by calling someone an Oreo is not needed and childish. Those kind of statements do not deter me from dressing in my favorite fashions. Nor do they deter me from blogging about my favorite fashions. So please go find another hobby other than making sock puppet e-mail accounts and sending me vulgar e-mails that will just be deleted. Thank you.

top image from: African American Gifts
bottom image from: Lazy D Dolls

Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy Halloween!

I hope everyone is having a good holiday. Rather than going to a party this year I stayed home with my fiance and his younger sister, Kai. We listened to Halloween music, drank apple cider, watched scary movies, and carved pumpkins. This was the first time I had ever carved a pumpkin.


The three Totoro are my pumpkins. I wanted to carve something cute and different than a plain lack-o'-lantern. Sadly the tiny Totoro's candle went out before Kai could take the picture and the middle Totoro's candle was dying as the picture was being taken. Brad's pumpkin is on the ground and top two pumpkins are Kai's.


The other day I looked at my calendar and noticed there are only three more months until Christmas. And I still have yet to buy presents... I always end up waiting until the last minute to buy presents. But this year I have begun to shop early. Christmas is not going to sneak up on me again this year.

I dislike shopping with the sole intent that everything I purchase is for other people. I am the horrible kind of person that always finds something she likes when shopping for other people. Sometimes I end up leaving the store with two piles of purchases. One for the person(s) I went shopping for and one for myself. When shopping online I seem to have better control. So this year I am planning to do my present shopping online.

While searching online for Christmas gift ideas I came across a neat little webshop called The Handpicked Collection. There are a few gifts I would love to get my family members from there and of course a few items I would like for myself.

I was looking to update my kitchen from the plain, normal kitchen utensils, flatware, pots, and dishes I currently have. I do not know why it has taken me so long to lolify my kitchen, but I need to. The Handpicked Collection has adorable kitchen gift ideas. A few of the items I am interested in are the polka dot pots. I wish they came in blue, but pink is cute.

There are also heart shaped cutting boards. The boards come in two different sizes. These will match the heart shaped measuring spoons I recently bought.

There are also cute towels featured on The Handpicked Collection which I would like. However, I promise to buy everything later and focus only on buying gifts for others at the moment.

I wish my local stores had cute kitchen items too.

images from: The Handpicked Collection

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Giving Up On Ordinary

Ordinary is boring, why not strive for extraordinary.

Once upon a time there was a little girl that was treated like a princess. She was told to embrace her dreams, expand her imagination, and live every day to the fullest. Everyday was dress-up games, make believe, and fairy tales. Growing up she was taught responsibilities and manners. She began to see how the world worked around her and tried to find a place where she would fit in. Her parents told her to always be true to herself and follow her dreams. Then she became an adult. Society told her to go to college, get a job, and give up on her childhood dreams. She did go to college and find a job. But give up on her dreams? No way!

I believed there is no reason the magic of childhood cannot continue into adulthood. Yes, adults have an immense amount of responsibilities. But once you have the time to enjoy yourself, the activities you love are even more fun. Why only let child have all the fun? As I grew up I was determined to never let go of my childhood dreams and ambitions. Never give up a dream because it is unattainable. Revise impossible dreams so they become possible to achieve. I never tell myself I cannot do something, because I am too old. Life is short and I intend to enjoy every moment of it.

Society might classify my views as escapism. Which to a point they are. I am unhappy with the ordinary societal lifestyle. So I chose to be a deviant and hold onto some of my childhood ambitious. I incorporate these hopes and dreams into my adult life. I might not ever become an actual princess, but I can dress and behave as one would. I might not ever get to live in a castle, but I can live in a large Victorian house and give it a name. I might not be able to own my own horse, but I can join an equestrian club.

There is no reason to turn into a pessimistic 'I hate my life' adult. I intend to march to the beat of my own drum throughout my life and enjoy every moment of it. Do you follow what makes you happy?

As you grow older, you'll find the only things you regret are the things you didn't do.
--Zachary Scott

image from: A szeretet az egyetlen

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Public transportation

This post if for anyone, lolita or not. Public transportation is consistent and uncomfortable at time. But if we can work together and try our best to follow some general rules it could make public transportation slightly more tolerable.

Moving back to Maryland means experimenting with public transportation sometimes. Currently living an hour and a half from my work is not fun during rush hour traffic. Recently I been braving Baltimore's light rail and bus systems off and on. The light rail is a nice ride. It frequently seems to be on time and there is hardly anyone on the train until the route starts to enter the city. Every time I rode the light rail it has never gotten crowded. The bus however is 20 minutes late consistently and crowded. Few people on that bus have any etiquette. And I am not talking about Emily Post high society etiquette. Simple common sense or courtesy is all that is needed.

Public transportation tips:
Cover you mouth! If you have a cold, are allergic to something, or just feel that tickle in the back of your throat cover your mouth before you cough or sneeze. Passengers do not want to get sick or have your spittle in their face, neck or, on their person in general.

Bring tissues. If you are sick carry tissues. Do not wipe your runny nose with your hand. Certainly do not clean your nasty hand off on the railings or seats!

Nobody else wants to hear your rap music. I hate having to listen to other people's music. I do not understand why people that listen to rap music seem to have to play it as loud as possible. Please turn the volume on your music down.

Move! If you are blocking the way of other passengers trying to get on the bus please move. Either go to the back of the bus or move to the side so others can get on the bus.

Elders > youngsters Older citizens and people with disabilities should always get seats. If you are healthy and young or relatively young there is no reason you can not give up your seat.

Children > adults Small children and pregnant woman should also always be given seats.

Bubble space. Public transportation vehicles are small. There is no reason to have your legs so far open that the person next to you cannot sit on the seat. Also get a full night's sleep. Leaning on someone as you are falling asleep is very annoying.

I don't care about last night. Lower your voice when talking on the phone or to someone on the bus. I do not want to know about your relationship with Tony. Or any unsavory habits Mary has. Sit next to the person that you want to talk to so you do not have to shout your conversation.

Do I know you... I do not know why small spaces make people want to chat with you. Asking about the time, asking about what fragrance I use, or commenting on my outfit are fine. Telling me about your life story and how many children you have and how your job sinks is not good conversation.

Let me sign you up for parenting classes. All children need to be tamed. Children screaming, hopping seats, throwing objects, or kicking people is not acceptable. Unruly children make everyone's commute horrible.

Drop the drama at the door. The passengers on the bus do not need to be included in the fight between your boyfriend who is sitting two seats away from you. Riding the bus under the influence of anything that would make you obnoxious is also unwelcome. Keep those issues off the bus/subway/train.

Bodily functions are no one else's business. Loudly belching or farting are unpleasant in general public settings. They are unforgivable on public transportation systems.

It's okay to say you don't know. If someone asks if the vehicle will go to a specific destination it is okay to say you don't know. It is better to state your lack of knowledge of the area than lie and have the person miss their bus or get on the wrong bus.

Eyes to yourself. I am sure most of the world was told it is impolite to stare when they were a child. Nothing is more uncomfortable than someone staring. Bring a book, newspaper, magazine, or game to occupy your eyes while on the bus/subway/train. Otherwise look out the window or at the structure of the vehicle.

Hopefully I can one day find a house closer to work and then I will not have to deal with rush hour traffic or public transportation. Until then I have to bite my tongue and deal with the general public.

image from: TresSugar

Friday, October 1, 2010

Accessory detox

Those that know me know that I rarely care for the accessory monsters that deco lolita has created. I have never been one for the brand plastic bow jewelry either. I find that simple decorations are more aesthetically pleasing than overly embellished eyesores. In the past some sweet lolita have told me I am on an accessory fast, in which I reply that they need to go on an accessory detox plan.

This is not to say that I do not wear rings, necklaces, earrings, or bracelets. I just do not wear 4 rings on each hand or a bracelet to match every color of my outfit. I respect the deco lolita style just like any of the other lolita styles. However I find that an excessive amount of accessories tends to draw attention away from the overall ensemble. I have attempted deco lolita in the past. While it was fun, I prefer simpler coordinations.

Lately I have been drawn to muted and pastel colored outfits and accessories. My most coveted accessories at the moment seem to be pearls and charm jewelery. Below is an adorable heart charm from Molly Brown which I am thinking about getting. She also has some charm jewelery covered in colored enamel. Which I did not know you could do.

Are you noticing that you are on an accessory binge? Want help to cut back? Here are some tips for you.

~ Pick one color from your outfit and accessorize around that color.
I find it interesting when lolitas accessorize around one of the least prominent colors in their outfit. It usually makes the details of the outfit stick out.

~ Wear a charm bracelet.
Then you can wear as many trinkets on your bracelet as you want. You can buy charms almost anywhere. I have noticed tea cups, bears, hearts, and bow charms in kiosk stands in malls. Also plenty of websites sell charms as well. Molly Brown sells jelly bean charms which might look cute with a print like AP's Jelly Jewelery and other sweet prints.

~ Wear general accessories.
I consider trinkets such as bows, tea cups, or crown pendants general accessories. Crosses and pearls also fall into this category. General accessories can go with any outfit, which means you do not need specific jewelry for each outfit. You can also wear general accessories when you are not dressed in lolita. Your jewelry box will thank you.

~ Wear an over the top accessory.
If none of the options above will work for you wear one over the top accessory. If you love to wear sweet prints buy an excessively sweet necklace. Ribbon Holic has great accessories for this option. Elaborate dark jeweled necklaces/chokers would be great for gothic lolita. But try to limit these attention seeking accessories to one per outfit.

~ Be crafty.
Turn beloved accessories into bag or phone charms. If you have more than one ring or pendant you cannot part with carry it in a different way. Pendants are easy to convert. Just add a strap attachment through the necklace loop. Sadly rings require the trinket to be removed from the ring base.

I hope this can help anyone trying to cut back on their accessory accumulation.

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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Someday My Prince Will Come

Feeling a little blue lately I decided to visit the bookstore. I roamed around for quite some time and could not find anything I wanted to read until I was about to leave. Right next to the exit was a curious book that begged to be picked up called "Someday My Prince Will Come."

This cute memoir is about a woman that gave up on ordinary before even being born. At the age of six she decided she was going to marry a prince of the British royal family, Peter Phillips. She continued to chase her dream raking up a massive amounts of debt and stress from escaping Colorado, going to expensive colleges, living in England, and trying to not get deported to achieve her dream. Refusing to join the real world and sometimes living on determination alone she finally met her prince. After meeting him, she realized he just like any other guy. She and her prince parted after a wonderful conversation to return to their own lives. Although not quite achieving her final goal she is happy with the choices she made.

I bought the hardback book which has 304 pages. It is a light read. You do not have worry too much about extensive, boring records from her college years, although she did have to live in a building that should have been a bomb shelter. Or drab stories about everyday life, but she does touch upon some of her low moments in England. The book also contains wonderful accounts of parties, trying to persuade her parents to enroll her in an English boarding school, and episodes of makeup stealing male roommates.

I really enjoyed this book. Having given up on being just ordinary a long time ago I was pleased Jerramy felt the same way. One of my favorite sentences appears when she complains about people asking her when she was going to grow up and join the real world. "Sometimes I think the 'real world' is just a phrase invented by adults to give credibility to the miserable live they've created for themselves." I agree. There is no point in being conventional if it is not in your heart to be so.

If that idea is too far fetched for you you can think of this book as a mild motivational book. Jerramy has many self inspiring, self-help quotes that helped her achieve her goals. One great quote is "Everyone, despite their circumstances, has the power to become the person they were meant to be, and the power to follow the dreams that dwell inside their heart. You just have to be brave and stay focused." As well as " eventually become what you think about most, but I was certain that you also attract what you think about most..." If you need a pick-me-up or just want to read about an odd woman that was determined to become a princess I would recommend this memoir.

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Friday, September 10, 2010

7 must haves for Autumn

It's that time of the year again. The temperature is starting to drop to a more comfortable degree. The days are starting to get slightly shorter. The leaves are starting to change. And school bells have begun to ring. Autumn is here. Autumn and spring are my second favorite seasons. I am always eager to go shopping for these seasons.

For this season I believe there are seven important must haves in everyone's closet.

~ Boots - As it starts to get slightly cooler boots are great footwear. They will keep your feet and legs warm and protected from wind. Autumn in the North East can be unpredictable sometimes. Some days it can be sunny in the morning and then have cold rain in the evening. You will not have to worry what the weather will bring if you wear boots. Brand shop usually release their boot collections slightly later in the season. Innocent World has released three styles already. Stores such as * QutieLand *, Funky Little Shop, and Little Chili Lolita Shop sell lolita style boots all year long.

~ Bolero/shrug/cardigan - These are useful when it is windy or suddenly cool. Some buildings may still have the air conditioner running so a bolero will protect your arms from sudden climate changes. Cute boleros can be found anywhere from brand store to your local Forever 21 or H&M.

~ Cute jacket - Much like above. A jacket will of course give more protect. I usually search for a jacket at the beginning of the season otherwise when it comes time when one is essential all the cute jackets will be taken. Cute jackets can be found anywhere.

~ Tights - Tights will keep you warm on chilly days and can be cute accessories. Local stores in my area have bland, sheer tights. Webshops like We Love Colors™ and Sock Dreams carry an array of brightly colored and zany designed tights. A new website was brought to my attention, My Tights. They appear to carry colorful, as well as slightly toned-down, and normal tights but also adorable tights. My Tights also carries a brand called Wolford, but it only seems available in the UK. I did find two tights that would be perfect for himegyaru though.

~ Cute bag - I am the kind of girl that would rather carry every one of my books rather than have an ugly mountain climbing bookbag. If you are going to be using a bag all day long everyday why buy something that is not cute? Pink Candy and Coquettish Tiara are notorious for having adorable bags. If you cannot use a shipping service there are plenty of other totes and laptop bags that are adorable and available with a quick search on Google.

~ Cute scarf - Lightweight scarves are a great fashion accessories and will also keep your neck protected. Scarves can be found of course anywhere. I always tie my scarf into a bow. NOTE: If you plan to try that as well you need a thin scarf.

~ Long sleeve top - Be it a sweater or a long sleeve blouse. Be sure to have plenty of these as the weather gets colder. Again these can get found anywhere. Right now I am obsessed with white/pink/blue argyle sweaters and long bell sleeve blouses.

Everyone have a wonderful autumn/fall.

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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Adding a little lady in your day

In a world where manners appear to be dead and people act without care for others, I retaliated in my own way by becoming a lifestyle lolita/himegyaru. Rather than fitting into the mold society had created, I decided to live a life of cute and lady-like attributes.

When lolitas decide to start following the lifestyle pathway there was a few different ways to begin their life of cute. Some might start by collecting as many brand items as possible. Some might start by introducing small/cute accessories into their life. Other ladies might try loliable hobbies. Then there are others who first try to refine themselves before adding the lolita lifestyle into their lives. I chose the last path. I believe that when one is dressed up one should try act properly. Although if you are not lady-like to begin with people might think you are putting on an act. I have always felt that no matter what style your chose to follow we ladies should act lady-like.

Here are a few ideas I wrote down in my diary when I first started entering into the realm of the lifestylists.

- Practice proper posture
- Speak softly
- Write little poems
- Let your imagination have the best of you
- Grow up but never old
- Always remember 'Please' and 'Thank you'
- Make calling cards
- Buy an elegant card holder
- Carry a book with you
- Keep a diary
- Learn a different language
- Take walks: exercise and enjoy nature
- Maintain nice nails
- Eat slowly
- Smile

image from: The Global

Friday, August 27, 2010

Gothic & Lolita Bible

On Tuesday August 24th the 37th issue of the Gothic & Lolita Bible was released. This issue features the new fall collections. I checked this morning and this issue is not yet available on yesasia.

I am in no way fluent in Japanese. I took 3 year of Japanese classes and am continuing to study on my own. I still have a lot of learn so if something is incorrect I am sorry.


・ New fall line collections from 36 brands
・ Special appendix:
     ~ pullip × 5 brand seals
     ~ life size paper patterns
・ Castle, music, and Märchen (folk tale?) Country
・ German special edition
     ❤ Skillful castle and palace romantic highway trip ❤
     ❤ Leipzig's music and cafe street ❤
     ❤ Innocent World's Fujiwara Yumi's trip around German with pullips ❤
     ❤ Special edition clothing and handmade accessories of Grimm's fairy tales ❤
             Innocent World × 「Snow White」
             Angelic Pretty × 「Red Riding Hood」
             GRAMM(h.NAOTO) × 「Rapunzel」
             PEACE NOW × 「The Star Money」
             BABY,THE STARS SHINE BRIGHT × 「Sleeping Beauty」
・ BABY,THE STARS SHINE BRIGHT&ALICE and the PIRATES 48 point new fall line presents
・ Good gothic & lolita note studying clothing
・ Many special rules to wear gothloli clothing stylishly with other slightly different clothing
・ Studying to become the prefect gothic & lolita
・ Gothic & lolita church foundation
・ First time 「My gothic & lolita-like job」
・ Artist, designer, shop staff, etc.
image from: KERA Info

Monday, August 23, 2010


Pet peeve #3: Better than thou

No matter which era you want to attribute your inspiration for lolita fashion to derive from, there was a class system. The royalty and upper classes could afford the expensive, finer materials and luxurious accessories. While the lower class could only afford mediocre materials and cheap, plain, or no accessories. Clothing was an easy indicator of what class you belonged in. Fashion has not changed much over the centuries. Some lolitas can afford or fit into brand items and others cannot. Thus creating a class system of popularity and elitism.

The pompous attitude disgusts the people that made the elitists popular and their reputation slowly disintegrates. There is no benefit in looking down on the people that made you popular, without them you would not be famous. However, brand is not the only thing that brings out elitist attitude. New members, style differences, and being popular on forums or in the blogosphere can also induce snobbish behaviors. No one likes a snob. But there are ways to tune down the attitude.

Accept others. New members are essential to fashion. The more customers a brand has the longer they are able to stay in business and the more pieces they will make. The increase in overseas lolitas has gained the attention from brands. Thus resulted in BABY stores in France and America and multiple shipping serices. New and younger members also inspire designers to bring new idea to our favorite fashion.

Use restraint. If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all. No matter how you feel about non-brand wears, plus sized lolita, or brand hoarders it would be best to keep it to yourself or your close friends. Some people are easily offended and might take your opinions as being haughty.

Try to be courteous. When someone asks for constructive criticism try to be polite. Offer helpful advice without any prejudice. If the person does not accept the advice simply do not offer any more help to him or her.

Help others become the best they can be. Some itas cannot become great lolitas without the advice and help of others. For itas to learn from their mistakes veteran lolitas should teach them how to fix their faux pas. The more knowledgeable a person is the less annoying they are and the less blunders they will make.

Talk to others. One of the main complaints people have about elitists is their refusal to speak with people lower than them. Just by being cordial to others you are less likely to be labeled a snob.

image from: CartoonStock

Friday, August 13, 2010

New phone

Those that follow my twitter know that my pink blackberry curve screen cracked a little while ago. Shortly after I changed my cellphone service to Sprint and bought an htc Hero. I love my new phone the only problem was it boring and bland, not very princessy.

I ordered a Miracle Rose charm kit and cream fuzzy ball from Strapya for my new baby. I also bought a clear case for my phone in case I want to change the design.

After almost 2 hours of planning where everything will be glued, an hour of gluing, and letting it dry over night my baby is decorated.

This was my first deco project. It was definitely more difficult than I thought it would be. But it was fun. (I wish I had more roses.) I think maybe I will buy some more clear cases so my phone can have different designs. I think I will buy the white and pink fuzzy balls when they are back in stock too.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Night at the Movies

I went to see The Sorcerer's Apprentice two Sundays ago with Brad and my good friend Angelica. It was really cute and funny. I am definitely buying this when it comes out on DVD. I would recommend to go see it. If you do go to see this movie make sure you stay for the extra scene after the credits.

I really liked that there was a recreation of the cleaning up scene from Fantasia. The music scene with the Telsa coils was another great part of the movie. Being a science nerd myself I enjoyed that the main character was one as well.

Sunday was a blast. Before going to the movies, Angelica and I went to the Eastern Market in D.C. in the morning. Afterward we went to the Arboretum and fed the koi fish. Sadly the park was closing not long after we arrived so we did not get to see the rest of the park or bonsai trees. There was a big school of koi fish at the end of the pond next to the food dispenser.

Feed us! Feed us!

When we had to leave the fish started following us along the edge of the pond. But they turned away about half way across the pond.


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Friday, August 6, 2010

Lovely Fashion

While searching for boots I stumbled upon an amazing find, Lovely Fashion. This webshop is similar to yesstyle, only cheaper. Lovely Fashion sells shoes, bags, and a small amount of accessories. I don't know of the quality of their products, but I intend to find out. I also like that you can favorite items to find at a later date. Just thought I would share before bedtime.

Good night~.

image from: Lovely Fashion

Tuesday, August 3, 2010


I was recently window shopping and I noticed one of the local strip mall had added a 5 belºw. Everything is cheaply priced and sometime you can find the cutest accessories. I did not see anything I wanted to buy until I passed the registers. They had rose rings.

I like these little plastic rings. I have pink rose rings but I really wanted a white rose and a blue rose. 5 belºw had all of the rainbow colors along with white and black. I should go back and get a black rose.

These rings were $2.00 each. They are not the best roses, I wish the center bud was more open. But the rings were a steal. I mostly see these rings online for about $8.00 or more plus shipping. There is even a $20.00 white rose ring on etsy!

They are a nice size and don't collect dust and lint like clay rings. The ring is adjustable and glued on pretty well.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Greetings from Atlantic City


Yesterday was a beautiful day so my family and I left for the beach. We frequently go to Atlantic City throughout the spring and summer to enjoy the beach. I don't gamble, but I enjoy walking through Caesar's Palace. Out of all the hotel/casinos I definitely prefer Caesars. I would love to see what the Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas looks like.

Unfortunately the one time I decide to take pictures in Caesars they are going to have some Food Network event. There were posters throughout the lobby of the big FN stars. And they put a frying pan on Caesar's statue.



The beach was wonderful. It wasn't too hot and the wind was blowing. I opted to wear normal clothes because I planned to play in the ocean. The only issue was the sand. It was so hot it burned the soles of my feet! I had to put my wedge heels on to walk to the water. Walking in heels on the sand was interesting.


I hope everyone is enjoying their summer.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Second year anniversary!

I cannot believe Princessly Living is two years old today! When I started this blog I never thought I would still be doing this two years from then. I thank every one of my viewers for that. Thank you for visiting blog and for continuing to visit. Thank you for leaving comments and emails. And of course putting up with my experimental topic posts. This has been a fun two years. I plan to continue writing this blog for a long time and hope you will continue on the journey with me.

Last year I was set on trying a few new things and took your opinions into account afterward. So this year I am asking you, my viewers, what would you like to see. Be it more posting frequency, more articles, daily life posts, giveaways, or crafts.

A few posts I have already planned include:
~A deco project
~Some sweet finds
~Possible teashop located

Thank you again for reading my blog!❤

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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Live, Love, Laugh, and Dance

There's no such thing as an ugly woman. There are only those who have not realized their full potential.
            --Arlene Dahl

Recently I received a lovely e-mail from a plus sized newer lolita. She has admired the lolita fashion from many years, but has only gained the confidence to wear lolita in the past few months. She told me that she fears negative comments from other girls about her size and has only ever attended one meet-up. This girl touched my heart. She really loves lolita fashion, but is afraid to wear it because of negative criticism.

So many forums and community which are meant to encourage and connect us are being used to intimidate newer members and dispirit those that do not fit into the mold of popular lolita standards. Rather than helping each other become the best lolitas we can be, we spend our time damaging each other's self esteem and ego. Constructive criticisms are negative or the commenter will say nothing to help and then leave a nasty comment on another website.

Questions such as "Can X-sized/skinned girls be a lolita?" or "Can a boy be a lolita?" are in my opinion futile. Fashion is an interactive art form. A way to express yourself and your interests. No one asks others if they are qualified to paint paintings, make sculptures, or play video games, and take up golf. It should not matter what others think as long as you are enjoying your life. If you want to wear lolita, do so. No matter your size, color, or gender there are no reasons you should allow others to damper you spirits and make you afraid to express yourself.

Usually the whole size issue starts a heated debate with redundant and bitter comments. The 'Real women have curves' argument is moronic. Women come in all shapes and sizes. Exclaiming this phrase in the middle of a weight/size debate just makes the commenter a sizist themself. Twiggy is as much a woman as Mia Tyler. And Natalie Laughlin is not more of a woman than Miranda Kerr. Plus sized lolitas aren't disgusting. Queen latifah is not disgusting. Nor are Kathy Najimy, Christina Schmidt, or Mae West. We have to be selective with the styles we chose to wear and have to spend more time on our outfit, hair, and make-up, but we can still look cute. Most brand items might not fit us, but there are plenty of other options such as offbrand items, replicas, and custom tailored items. Know when attending meet-ups that you will be outshone but petite lolitas. But that should not prevent you from going or being afraid to go.

One way to combat negative stigma is by boosting your self-esteem. Shows such as What Not To Wear and How to Look Good Naked can give you a self-esteem boot and give clothing tips. The more you believe in yourself the less other people's negative opinions will affect you. Another issue to watch out is self hatred. Listening to enough negative comments one starts to believe what is said and begins to think up more negative comments about himself or herself. You need to be beautiful on the inside as well as the outside. And if you are still worried about weight start exercising and eating healthy. This will make you feel good and you will lose weight as well.

image from: boyce voice