Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Side project?

I was wondering if KERA was planning something special for the Gothic & Lolita Bibles since an issue for 2010 had not been announced yet. They were! Aoki Misako recently made a blog entry about a photoshoot she was modeling for and a new Gothic & Lolita Bible book! It's titled Ensemble vol. 1.

According to what I can read on the cover, it seems to have some of the same articles that the normal Gothic & Lolita Bibles usually have.

~ 36 outfit brand spring catalog
~ Alice in Wonderland meets Baby, the stars shine bright
~ Hair and make-up tips
~ Brand history 
~ Gothic lolita scene: the past, present, and future
~ Guests: Mana, Hakuei, Ruka (Nightmare), etc.
~ New items from popular brands

So I wonder as to why this is titled separately from the usual Bibles, not incorporated in the Gothic & Lolita Bible Extras, or the single Boudoir issue.

Unfortunately the information for this issue is not up on the Kera website yet. I can only speculate that the issue will be released on February 27th for the Gothic & Lolita Bible Ensemble Event Sale. Hopefully it will be available to online book stores that carry the other issues as well.

image from: Aoki Misako's Lovely Pink Diary

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Lonely lolita

And then there was one...

I've seen others complain about this issue, which I sometimes struggle with as well. I know feeling lonely has led a few lolitas to leave the fashion or not attempt to wear the fashion outside the comfort of their homes. But all is not lost.

Being the only lolita/himegyaru in your town or even state is not as horrible as it can seem though. Of course being one of the few oddly dressed individuals that your community has might have seem like a dampening thought, but do not be discouraged.

Besides, my thoughts are that true lolitas and gyraus dress up to express who they actually are and what they love, not to show off to get approval from others. Because honestly, being a deviant from society will get you more cynical comments than positive ones.

While it is well known that people react negatively to something they do not understand. Even the well seasoned lolitas and gyarus have gotten negative sigma from the normal people. I find that venting with fellow lolitas about "the normals", as I call them, helps after receiving snide comments.

When feeling lonely makes you feel blue try to remember a few things.

Are you truly alone?
- How in fact do you know your the only one that dresses like this? There might be others that are too afraid to dress up by themselves as well. You can be an inspiration to other shy lolitas.

Maybe you can be a mentor.
- Individuals in your community might be unaware of the lolita/gyrau fashions. You might introduce others to your favorite fashions. Communities sometimes start from one person.

Be yourself!
- Never let others rain on your parade. No matter how weird "the normals" think your interests are, enjoy them. Your unique interests make you who you are.

Hello you've got mail!
-You are not alone. Thanks to the internet we have the ability to talk and intermingle with anyone around the world. There are plenty of social networking sites to befriend fellow lolitas and gyarus. Join a community, become e-mail pals, or go to meet-ups in the next state. Remember, you are never truly alone.

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Wednesday, February 3, 2010


For those that do not know Groundhog Day was yesterday. I am originally from Pennsylvania so this weird little holiday and Punxsutawney Phil are a tradition in my family.

For one day every year Phil gets to be a celebrity. My family awaits to hear the fateful news if he saw his shadow or not. Unfortunately, this year Phil saw his shadow and hide back into his hole. As the tradition states, the United States will have 6 more weeks of winter.

The little guy was correct this year. Last night it snowed, not much though. Plus, it is supposed to snow over the weekend as well. I love waking up to snow covered trees! It was so beautiful I attempted to take some pictures with my phone. However, the pictures truly do the scene at my school campus no justice.

I love winter. ❤

Monday, February 1, 2010


School has definitely kept me on a short leash and very busy so far this semester. I only have four classes, but it definitely feels like I signed up for a full schedule. I am slightly ahead now so I can relax a little.

On Wednesday, being adventurous I went and helped my friend out with one of her school projects. She's an art major at Del Tech. and she needed a model, so I volunteered.

She told me to look as plain as possible. So I wore no make-up and straightened my hair. When we started the photoshoot she tied my hair back in a ponytail. (If I would have known that I would not have woken up early to straightened it.) I brought only plain white and cream skirts. She was ecstatic the whole time and apparently received an excellent grade the next day. I'm glad I could help her.

Here are some!