Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Lonely lolita

And then there was one...

I've seen others complain about this issue, which I sometimes struggle with as well. I know feeling lonely has led a few lolitas to leave the fashion or not attempt to wear the fashion outside the comfort of their homes. But all is not lost.

Being the only lolita/himegyaru in your town or even state is not as horrible as it can seem though. Of course being one of the few oddly dressed individuals that your community has might have seem like a dampening thought, but do not be discouraged.

Besides, my thoughts are that true lolitas and gyraus dress up to express who they actually are and what they love, not to show off to get approval from others. Because honestly, being a deviant from society will get you more cynical comments than positive ones.

While it is well known that people react negatively to something they do not understand. Even the well seasoned lolitas and gyarus have gotten negative sigma from the normal people. I find that venting with fellow lolitas about "the normals", as I call them, helps after receiving snide comments.

When feeling lonely makes you feel blue try to remember a few things.

Are you truly alone?
- How in fact do you know your the only one that dresses like this? There might be others that are too afraid to dress up by themselves as well. You can be an inspiration to other shy lolitas.

Maybe you can be a mentor.
- Individuals in your community might be unaware of the lolita/gyrau fashions. You might introduce others to your favorite fashions. Communities sometimes start from one person.

Be yourself!
- Never let others rain on your parade. No matter how weird "the normals" think your interests are, enjoy them. Your unique interests make you who you are.

Hello you've got mail!
-You are not alone. Thanks to the internet we have the ability to talk and intermingle with anyone around the world. There are plenty of social networking sites to befriend fellow lolitas and gyarus. Join a community, become e-mail pals, or go to meet-ups in the next state. Remember, you are never truly alone.

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Jamie said...

Some times i feel like a lonely Lolita, but then i peek over at a friend's laptop, and discover them daydreaming over BTSSB and AP. =D

Caro-chan said...

This is cute! And great for people who feel as if they are the only Lolita around, for a long time I was the only person I knew interested in the fashion, but sometimes you just gotta go out there and look for like minded people, because they're usually not going to turn up on your doorstep XD

Mariko said...

I never really talked about my interest in Lolita with anyone. I suppose I was a little embarrassed. One day (years ago) I was at school, talking to a friend I had only known for a few days, and I saw a glb poking out of her backpack! I was so happy to see that someone else thought that Lolita was cool too, and I understand what it's like to feel like you are the only one. Thanks for posting this!

Lady Kristen said...

Thank you Jamie, Caro-chan, and Mariko!

I'm glad you liked this article. I wanted to do this article because I'm sure that most of us at one time or another has felt lonely.

Sophia Alexandra said...

Its really cool that you did a post on this. Its all true and good advise.