Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Ribbon Bangle

This is a new trial sections. I sat for a while and thought of something new I could incorporate into Princessly Living. Then I remember the plethora of feedback the To offbrand or not to offbrand column received.

In the mentioned article I said that the use of offbrand items adds an uniqueness to your outfit that cannot be achieved with using brand only items. However, this section will not be about the uniqueness offbrand items can provide it will be about how similar offbrand and magazine featured items can be. Similar to 'Must Have' articles in some magazines.


Item #1: Ribbon bangle
Ageha April 2009
¥ 2,904: $32.09 (+ shipping service)
one spo


Ribbon bangle

Ribbon bangle

The first ribbon bangle has the wider bow like the featured bow in Ageha, however the second bangle has the similar arms. Of the two I prefer the s

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