Friday, April 23, 2010

Lolita and mass media

I become apprehensive but giddy every time I am informed that one of my favorite fashions will be worn by celebrities or acknowledged on television, in magazines, or in news articles. With lolita fashion being mentioned on Bones and other television shows, and celebrities wearing and visiting brand shops the world is slowly becoming more exposed to our favorite fashion. With each exposure I hope we might not receive such blank stares when we are out in our fineries for the day. However, it is still up to the actual lolitas to show the world how to wear the fashion and how to act appropriately.

One of the questions frequently asked on egl is: Do you fear lolita becoming mainstream? Not really. Every time the slightest mention of lolita appears in the media this question is posed. Modern fashion trends are in a completely different direction from lolita. Current American fashion is about wearing tight outfits and showing as much cleavage and leg as possible. Gyaru fashion would appeal more to America than lolita fashion would. For lolita to become mainstream celebrities would have to frequently wear it and I don't foresee modern celebrities making such a drastic change. It would probably take a group of lolitas becoming celebrities for anything big to happen. (It would make for an interesting reality show.)

This post was of course brought about by Jessica Simpson's Price of Beauty Japan episode. Most reviewers said they were shocked by Jessica's utter disrespect for the Japanese culture and lolita culture, however I was not. I expected nothing worse from her and her group of friends. Just like other lolitas I was displeased with the lack of mention to Maki and Asuka along with the generalized labeling of lolita as Harajuku girls. If a host is visiting a brand shop and wearing one of their outfits on a runway they should inform their viewers about the shop and designers.

Here is a bonus clip of Jessica and CaCee trying on two Angelic Pretty onepieces without the beehive and horrible make-up.

Although brief, I was pleased that actual lolitas were shown on The Price of Beauty. I was also please she went to Angelic Pretty unlike G4's Attack of the Show hosts that went to Bodyline. Olivia Munn tried on the worst brown outfit, then tried on a biker jacket with a pink petticoat, and finally a maid outfit. While the Price of Beauty was horrible, I feel it was slightly than G4's minimal mention of lolita fashion.

top image from: Institute for Social Marketing
Olivia Munn screen cap from: G4

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Common courtesy

I believe a princess can be identified by her manners. I also believe that every lolita or himegyaru services as a representative for our favorite fashions. I am the sort of lolita that feels when one is dressed up one should be courteous and polite.

Even if you don't feel the same there are at least a few common courtesies that should be mandatory while being dressed up. By this I in no way mean you have to be overly polite, eat with the correct fork, or walk with an etiquette guide in your purse.

-Do not let your skirt hog the seats on public transportation. Even though most people will generally sit as far away from you as possible. If someone needs a seat try to tame your poof.

-Be careful of tables. I am at the height where if my skirts is not monitored it will try to knock items off the edge of tables.

-Kneel to pick up fallen items. Nothing is more impolite and embarrassing than a bloomer shoot in public. Or you could always have your beau pick items up for you.

-Keep your accessories in one location. Lolita and himegyaru fashions tend to have an abundance of extra articles -purse, hat, gloves -. It is best to not clutter areas with your stuff. Put your parasol on the rear of your chair, gloves in your bag, bag on your lap or rear your chair, and hat on your bag. This of course can be trickier to manage in winter with bulkier items.

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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Pet peeves

Everyone has them. These are little actions, phrases, or tendencies that set people into a rage. The lolita community seems to have a collection of pet peeves that will get you labeled an ita. These can be frivolous, tedious things like a skirt being an inch too short or rather large no-nos such as wearing anime cosplay accessories - chobit or cat ears.

Pet peeve #1: Climbing buildings

This also includes railings, fences, walls or any such structural surfaces. We have all seen group pictures where at least one or two people are attempting to scale walls as if they were Spiderman. You aren't. Whether you are trying to portray a doll, Victorian child, look sweet, or be elegant this action describes none of them.

I am sure mothers or governesses of upper class Victorian child would never permit them to do this. And if it did happen I am sure punishment was issued as soon as they returned home. No mother would allow their well dressed child to act like a uncivilized street urchin.

Also why would you possibly damage or scruff such expensive clothes or something that you or a seamstress labored to make?

image from: CartoonStock

Friday, April 2, 2010

The Pink Rose

A Place For Me And You

While I will openly admit that Shimotsuma Monogatari is not my favorite movie. I do agree with Momoko on a few select topics. One thing I relate to Momoko with is having a physical place to escape to where you feel welcome and comfortable. (Much like Cheers! Where everyone knows your name.) Momoko had The Aristocratic Forest cafe. She even had Ichigo join/follow her on one occasion.

I had a tea house I frequented on occasion in Philadelphia, The Pink Rose. I loved the pastries and the interior design. The staff was always polite as well. I would visit the shop both in lolita and normal clothes. They were never rude when I was dress up and actually gave compliments. I always felt welcome when I would walk in. The Pink Rose was in no way a high-end pastry shop, but it was cute.

Sadly when I traveled to Philly yesterday to visit my favorite pastry shop I saw it was no longer there! The Pink Rose is no called Philly Sweettooth. My home sweet home is now a candy store. Saddened I trudged back to the Septa train station and made my way back to Delaware. Now I am on a search from a new tea house.

R.I.P. The Pink Rose
You will be greatly missed.

image from: Petals Florist