Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Common courtesy

I believe a princess can be identified by her manners. I also believe that every lolita or himegyaru services as a representative for our favorite fashions. I am the sort of lolita that feels when one is dressed up one should be courteous and polite.

Even if you don't feel the same there are at least a few common courtesies that should be mandatory while being dressed up. By this I in no way mean you have to be overly polite, eat with the correct fork, or walk with an etiquette guide in your purse.

-Do not let your skirt hog the seats on public transportation. Even though most people will generally sit as far away from you as possible. If someone needs a seat try to tame your poof.

-Be careful of tables. I am at the height where if my skirts is not monitored it will try to knock items off the edge of tables.

-Kneel to pick up fallen items. Nothing is more impolite and embarrassing than a bloomer shoot in public. Or you could always have your beau pick items up for you.

-Keep your accessories in one location. Lolita and himegyaru fashions tend to have an abundance of extra articles -purse, hat, gloves -. It is best to not clutter areas with your stuff. Put your parasol on the rear of your chair, gloves in your bag, bag on your lap or rear your chair, and hat on your bag. This of course can be trickier to manage in winter with bulkier items.

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Angel said...

I love the skirt tip. I hate people sitting on my skirt anyway so I always fold mine into my lap.


Lady Kristen said...

You're welcome! I definitely dislike people sitting on my skirts as well. I'm glad I mentioned a tip relative to your situation.

You have a lovely blog.