Friday, April 23, 2010

Lolita and mass media

I become apprehensive but giddy every time I am informed that one of my favorite fashions will be worn by celebrities or acknowledged on television, in magazines, or in news articles. With lolita fashion being mentioned on Bones and other television shows, and celebrities wearing and visiting brand shops the world is slowly becoming more exposed to our favorite fashion. With each exposure I hope we might not receive such blank stares when we are out in our fineries for the day. However, it is still up to the actual lolitas to show the world how to wear the fashion and how to act appropriately.

One of the questions frequently asked on egl is: Do you fear lolita becoming mainstream? Not really. Every time the slightest mention of lolita appears in the media this question is posed. Modern fashion trends are in a completely different direction from lolita. Current American fashion is about wearing tight outfits and showing as much cleavage and leg as possible. Gyaru fashion would appeal more to America than lolita fashion would. For lolita to become mainstream celebrities would have to frequently wear it and I don't foresee modern celebrities making such a drastic change. It would probably take a group of lolitas becoming celebrities for anything big to happen. (It would make for an interesting reality show.)

This post was of course brought about by Jessica Simpson's Price of Beauty Japan episode. Most reviewers said they were shocked by Jessica's utter disrespect for the Japanese culture and lolita culture, however I was not. I expected nothing worse from her and her group of friends. Just like other lolitas I was displeased with the lack of mention to Maki and Asuka along with the generalized labeling of lolita as Harajuku girls. If a host is visiting a brand shop and wearing one of their outfits on a runway they should inform their viewers about the shop and designers.

Here is a bonus clip of Jessica and CaCee trying on two Angelic Pretty onepieces without the beehive and horrible make-up.

Although brief, I was pleased that actual lolitas were shown on The Price of Beauty. I was also please she went to Angelic Pretty unlike G4's Attack of the Show hosts that went to Bodyline. Olivia Munn tried on the worst brown outfit, then tried on a biker jacket with a pink petticoat, and finally a maid outfit. While the Price of Beauty was horrible, I feel it was slightly than G4's minimal mention of lolita fashion.

top image from: Institute for Social Marketing
Olivia Munn screen cap from: G4


megan said...

"Current American fashion is about wearing tight outfits and showing as much cleavage and leg as possible."

You are guilty of one of the very things you are complaining about: generalization (and a hasty one at that). To some, I am sure that that is all fashion is about; I'll give you that. But to imply that all American fashion carries those same standards is false.

Lady Kristen said...

I did not say all in that statement. I have had multiple Literature professors that would not grade papers if they featured generalized statements with 'all'. While that statement is indeed generalized about the current American fashion trend, I made no implications that every American follows it. However, current fashion in major stores do follow that trend. Dresses with cleavage windows, short-shorts, mini-skirts, skinny jeans, and extremely low necklines are in every store. American fashion retailers proclaim that the shorter something is the cuter, within moderation. I did not state showing their posteriors, just their legs.

You are correct, I do have a biased opinion on this matter. With visiting five states, two large cities: New York and Baltimore, and attending two separate colleges in the last seven years I have seen the fashionable people supporting the tighter outfit, cleavage and leg showing trend.

Then there are current popular television shows I always hear about: Pretty Wild, Jersey Shore, Jerseylicious, and Bad Girls Club. I have never watched them, but they are all I hear about at school and work. Looking up these shows the statement I made is relevant to their fashion trends.

Caro-chan said...

XD Wow, I couldn't even make it through that post. If that guy said "Harajuku" one more time D: That's so obnoxious.

The mainstreaming of the Lolita fashion in the US has been a fear of the Lolita's since like 2002, when Hot Topic made the first batch of Lolita dresses XD It hasn't happened yet, so I doubt it will any time soon.

Caro-chan said...

Oops, not post, I couldn't make it thought that VIDEO. I made it through your post!

Lady Kristen said...

That guy was indeed painful to watch. I would have loved to see how the shopgirls were reacting to his outbursts.

I was a little worried when you said you couldn't make it through the post. I did not think my post was that bad.

I remember when Hot Topic came out with their lolita dresses and egl went crazy with worry.

☆rabbito-bonbon☆ said...

Thanks for following Rabbito!
I've followed your cutie blog as well o(^-^)o

Woah, lolita sounds so cool XDXD

Lady Kristen said...

You're welcome. I was looking at someone's blogroll yesterday and I ended up on your blog, which is adorable.

Thank you for following my blog.