Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Pet peeves

Everyone has them. These are little actions, phrases, or tendencies that set people into a rage. The lolita community seems to have a collection of pet peeves that will get you labeled an ita. These can be frivolous, tedious things like a skirt being an inch too short or rather large no-nos such as wearing anime cosplay accessories - chobit or cat ears.

Pet peeve #1: Climbing buildings

This also includes railings, fences, walls or any such structural surfaces. We have all seen group pictures where at least one or two people are attempting to scale walls as if they were Spiderman. You aren't. Whether you are trying to portray a doll, Victorian child, look sweet, or be elegant this action describes none of them.

I am sure mothers or governesses of upper class Victorian child would never permit them to do this. And if it did happen I am sure punishment was issued as soon as they returned home. No mother would allow their well dressed child to act like a uncivilized street urchin.

Also why would you possibly damage or scruff such expensive clothes or something that you or a seamstress labored to make?

image from: CartoonStock


Anonymous said...

I don't think it suits Lolita photographs at all to pose by climbing the buildings - as you said, Lolita is supposed to be dignified, ladylike, elegant, and climbing buildings is... rarely these things. It is one thing if one is doing a photograph where this suits the style of clothes being worn (rivethead fashion, cyberpunk fashion, post-apocalyptic variants on Visual Kei fashion) but if one is doing Lolita photographs, it looks silly and is in danger of damaging nice clothes, or even worse, if the model/person in the photograph does not know what they're doing, they could fall and hurt themselves.

post-apocalyptic cybergoth parkour or free-running enthusiast posing on the architecture = good

Victorian-inspired Elegant Gothic Aristocrat climbing awkwardly on the architecture = bad (and whatever they think, they do not look like a vampire)

Lady Kristen said...

xxcellocatxx : I'm glad to see that someone else agrees with me. The model falling and hurting herself is also a good point. Lolita shoes are anything but practical.