Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Anatego's Shop & Bibles

I was debating for a long while about buying the Ribbonolic rings from Anatego's Shop. Last year I bought a multitude of the cupcake rings and necklaces and hardly used them. Finally I decided that cute ribbons will always be useful and I bought all of the colors.

The mailman also delivered my Gothic & Lolita Bible vol. 36. I am glad that it seems the Bibles will be returning to a semi-regular schedule. According to vol. 36 the next issue is scheduled for August. Also the Bibles are being sold on Yesasia! Here is the link to the Gothic & Lolita Bibles. Both versions of the first issue are available along with the Hair and Make-up Bible and the Boudoir issue. It appears that vol. 2 and 34 are the only ones missing at the moment.

Here are pictures of recent deliveries. I really loved all of the ring colors.

Here is an example of the ribbon's size. Of course my packages were delivered immediately after I took my nail polish off!

The bows appear to be made out of a sturdy clay and glued to a silver adjustable ring. You can tell they are handmade because some of the bows are slightly bigger than other ones. The clay is not sticky so no worries about the rings collecting hair and dust.

After I ordered my rings I received an e-mail with an estimation of when I should expect my package to arrive. My package did indeed arrive during the estimated time. The rings were in plastic packages and wrapped in bubblewrap. The only issue I had was one of the bows had separated from it's silver ring base, but it was easily glued back together. I am pleased with the products and the service.

♡ Customer service: 10/10 - perfect
♡ Product: 9.5/10 - perfect
♡ Shipping: 10/10 - perfect
♡ Fit: 10/10 - perfect

top image from: Anatego's shop

Friday, May 21, 2010

Steampunk Fair

Last weekend was the three day World Steampunk Fair in Piscataway, New Jersey. This was my first period convention besides a Renaissance Fair I attended two years ago in Maryland. I did not know much about the Steampunk subculture so I entered the fair for a vague idea of what to expect. I was packed, excited, and ready to jump into yesterday's future.

The hotel room was lovely. I was glad I managed to book a room before they were full. The Fair was wonderful. There were events and competitions I wanted to attend each day. I had purchased tickets to the Cup of Brown Joy Tea Party and Lovecraft’s Revenge Interactive Dinner Theatre: two of the more exclusive events for the weekend.

Set out day! It was a beautiful morning. Slightly cloud but warm and sunny.

Brad and I unfortunately set out a little later than we wanted to. Then New Jersey and Google maps had a disagreement. We got lost in what I could guess was Morrisville. When we finally arrived at the Radisson Hotel the tea party had sadly already begun. We spent the evening at dinner and wandering through the shops on the bottom floor of the hotel. Then befriended a hilarious character named Micah and the performers of the Street Circus. We ment up with Angelica, my lolita friend ❤! We all sat down for a few drinks and joked until it was time for The Queen of Steam drag competition.

Afterward Brad, Angelica, and I went to the courtyard for the Band of Thieves and Mr. E performances which were before the Street Circus. The fire performances were amazing. One woman had a giant hula hoop ring with lit spokes. I would be too afraid of setting my hair on fire to try that. We watched the antics of the Street Circus and afterward turned in for the night.

Room service!

❤ Brad had ordered room service while I was still sleeping. ❤

For the second day Brad, Angelica, and I went to a discussion group: Steampunk and Social Issues. It was rather informative. The only horrible thing was the fact there was no air conditioning in that room and I was wearing a corset. Afterward Angelica left for an Asian Ball-Jointed Doll Meetup and we continued shopping. Later Brad and I caught a few bands playing in the courtyard.

Later than evening was the Interactive Dinner Theatre, which wasn't what I was expecting but hilarious! We were given slips from Lovecraft’s book and instructed to act a certain way. Brad got to act as Satan, perfect! My instructions were to act like an alien, not as much fun. The story was that Lovecraft was supposedly brutally killed in his hotel room. The murderer had then released spores in the ventilation system which were driving everyone mad. Our new friend Micah was to act like someone with an intelligence inferior to a three year old. He played the part extremely well.

Afterward Brad and I rejoined Angelica for the cabaret. We went to see the Band of Thieves/Mr. E/Street Circus again. This time we got to see sword walking and fire juggling along with some of the same skits from the Friday show. Then it was time for Voltaire!

After Voltaire's concert, my companions and I ran back over to the cabaret for a short while. We then danced a bit at the Big Brass Ball and went to bed.

The last day... After packing and checking out, Brad and I went down to breakfast. We were still exhausted from yesterday, so we did not plan on attending much before leaving. We tagged along while Angelica shopped. Then shared a few of the most delicious truffles I had ever tasted while waiting to see what video games were going to be available to play. We left shortly after arriving and went to the Mad Science Competition. I participated in a hugging experiment and received a lovely complimentary restraining order.

Upon leaving the competition we saw a neat display of reconstructed and decorated bicycles. Then finally we left for home.

It was an eventful and wonderful weekend. There were so many lovely outfits, bands, and performances. Brad and I plan to attend next year. I think the only down point was that most of the shops seemed to have an very Renaissance Fair feel. I talked to a few of the patrons and they confirmed that they work at the local Renaissance Fairs. Oh well. Despite checking out all the shops, I only bought two things. I'm a picky shopper.

More pictures from the weekend will be uploaded later.

top image from:Steampunk Empire

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Pet peeve #2: Cleaniness

Plan ahead! When you take pictures we can see more than just you. If you are going to take pictures make sure everything will look nice. The clutter in the corner of your bedroom or living is not aesthetically pleasing.

A true lady would never live in a cluttered, disorganized mess. If one did live that way they would not tell or show everyone their cluttered house. You do not need to have a recently shampooed rug with lovely Victorian style furniture in the background. Simply pushing the mess out of the picture range will do. Or even better, put items back where they belong. Then you do not have to worry about clutter piles in your pictures.

A cluttered house reflects badly on you. It makes others wonder how you take care of your lovely clothing. Then if you try to sell your clothes, buyers might be hesitant to purchase from you.

image from: CartoonStock

Friday, May 7, 2010

Winterthur Estate

For those that used to follow The Princess Portal you know that May 5th is International Princess Day. This is another self made holiday to celebrate your princessly self. This is a day to pamper yourself or do something that makes you feel like a princess.

For my Princess Day I decided I wanted to go on a tour of Winterthur Estate. Since I was unable to go to Point-to-Point this year. I enjoyed my morning by just lounging and appreciating a day without a need to rush around and without school work.

Then I experimented with the himegyaru hair style, which sadly deflated as the day continued and through the constructing and moving of my mirror. I think next time I will use Violet LeBeaux's himegyaru tutorial idea of putting something under the bump to keep the shape.

Winterthur was amazing. The garden was also lovely, but since I recently went to Longwood Garden I was really only interested in a tour of the mansion. Here are some of the rooms of the 175+ room mansion we were allowed to see. Sadly most of my pictures came out blurry because I had my camera set to take outdoor pictures. The other photos are available to view on my flickr.




I had a great time and the day got even better. I returned home just in time before a large deliver trunk left my driveway. My mirror had arrived! Brad and I constructed the mirror, rearranged the furniture, and set it in the corner of the room. I was extremely happy it arrived because I was unhappy of the pictures of myself throughout the tour.

Jumperskirt: Innoncent World
Headbow: Innocent World
Sweater: Offbrand
Shoes: Madden Girl

My poor deflated hairstyle...

Now before I get multiple negative comments and emails, I know my skirt is rather short. I am 6 feet tall! And I am very aware I am a fatty-fatty-2x4 so such comments are pointless and will be ignored/deleted.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Mirror, mirror

I finally cracked down not long ago and decided I needed a new mirror. Since our move to Delaware I have had only the bathroom mirrors and a small make-up vanity mirror from IKEA to use. I loathe getting dressed up without a full length mirror to compare my outfit to the image I had in my mind.

Most of my furniture is a dark Mahogany or warm Maple colored so I had a nice selection of mirrors. I bought this for only $586. The wonderful delivery men carried the heavy thing into the house for me for no extra charge. Then I had the fun of putting it together, my fiancé helped (did most of the heavy work...).

Thus with the new addition to my room I can include outfit pictures.

Sunday, May 2, 2010


My newest bag!

With all of the cream and pastel clothing I was buying for spring I needed a new purse. I had wanted to buy someone from the Taobao website from a while and then I noticed an adorable purse on eBay from a TaoBao shop. Unfortunately, once I order the purse it was sold out. The middleman said the Taobao seller would give me any purse from his shop for the same price! I had never seen a cream and brown polka-dot design so I choice that one. I was really please with both the Taobao seller and the poor eBay middleman that was forced to act as translator.

It is adorable and well made. The purse is actually bigger than I originally thought it was going to be, but not too large. There are no funny marks or split ends. I am very pleased with the product.