Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Mirror, mirror

I finally cracked down not long ago and decided I needed a new mirror. Since our move to Delaware I have had only the bathroom mirrors and a small make-up vanity mirror from IKEA to use. I loathe getting dressed up without a full length mirror to compare my outfit to the image I had in my mind.

Most of my furniture is a dark Mahogany or warm Maple colored so I had a nice selection of mirrors. I bought this for only $586. The wonderful delivery men carried the heavy thing into the house for me for no extra charge. Then I had the fun of putting it together, my fiancé helped (did most of the heavy work...).

Thus with the new addition to my room I can include outfit pictures.


Applesushi said...

It's a beautiful mirror!
I have always wanted a mirror like this. I really like the wood colour and the swirl design.

insertcake said...

i'd absolutely love to have a mirror like this, too ♥ Sadly it could never fit in my tiny room. Lucky you!

Madrepérola said...

It looks gorgeous!

Lady Kristen said...

Applesushi: Thank you! I thought it was really lovely too. I fell in love with it the first time I saw it.

insertcake: You could always search for thinner mirrors. Before I found this one I saw plenty of free standing and leaning thin mirrors.

Madreperola: I thought so too. Thank you!

Miruku said...

It's so quaint, I love it!

Lady Kristen said...

Thank you! But I wouldn't call it quaint though. It's huge and rather heavy.