Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Raspberry delight

Although summer is my least favorite season, there are a few things I do enjoy. Fresh fruit, going to the beach, and cute clothes. Today the heat wave decided to subside so Brad's sister and I went outside and picked raspberries. We collected a huge soup mug full of ripe raspberries.


I cannot wait, in about a week there should be another ripe batch to be picked. Maybe we should make raspberry muffins. ❤

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I want to be a princess too

Why I wear what I wear

I am sure everyone has encountered a time when they were asked why they wear lolita. Strangers will seek you out in a crowded area and approach you, neighbors might ask your family members, and children will ask you questions despite their parents trying to advert their attention to something else.

With spring semester over and my work schedule being weekend option only, I have more time to wear the fashion I love. Whenever I am out there is at least one person that would ask why do I wear why I wear. Most of the time I quickly say, "because I think this is cute" or "because this expresses me." But lately I've sat down and actually deliberated as to why I love this fashion so much.

Two of the sweetest instances which have made love this fashion even more have come from children. While on a trip to the aquarium with my family a little girl approached me dragging her father in toe behind her. She had on a T-shirt that said "Forget being a princess, I want to be a President." She wanted to shake my hand and take a picture with a princess. When she and her father walked away I heard her say, "Daddy, I want to be a princess too."

The second instance occurred recently at a Barnes & Noble. I felt I was being watched more than normal while I was searching for a new book. When I finally sat down to read my book I found out why. A little girl was peering at me from around a bookcase. As soon as I saw her she dashed away only to return shortly with a book. She held it out in front of her for me to take. At this her mother stopped talking to her friend and nervously said sorry as she pulled her daughter back over to where her friend stood. All the while the child finally spoke saying she wanted the princess to read her a story while she cried. I told the lady I didn't mind and she let her daughter go. When I was done with the book the little girl thanked me and gave a wobbly curtsy before happy bounding after her mother and telling the whole store the princess read her a book.

Whenever I am in a slump, receive negative comments from the normals, or have a 'why I am even doing this anymore' moment I remember the two above instances and it always puts a smile on my face.

I wear lolita because I love...

❤ the reactions I receive from little children
♥ feeling feminine
❤ being different
♥ showing girls you don't need to show skin to look cute
❤ pampering myself
♥ living up to some of my childhood fantasies
❤ growing up, but never growing old
♥ never needing an excuse for buying super cute things
❤ flaunting my guilty pleasure
♥ being me and not being afraid to show it ♥

My list is ever growing. Everyday I find a new reason why I love to wear what I wear. What are some of the reasons you wear lolita or himegyaru?

image from: daintyindulgence's photostream

Friday, June 11, 2010

Is that a moo moo?

The OTT sweet craze remains strong. After making Angelic Pretty its diabetes inducing headquarters and having turned BTSSB and Meta to the dark side it is now slowly trying to infect Innocent World. Searching through the brand stores today I noticed the OTT virus is attempting to land in Innocent World territory again. Innocent World has released other sweet prints, but has held out well from most of the OTT-like prints. I'm interested to see this brand's designs in the next year or so. The newest sweet print, Cherry Cat, is adorable but not too cavity inducing.

Cherry Cat onepiece

Two other items I noticed that seemed out of place on Innocent World's catalog was an Annette onepiece and a Gina jumperskirt. I understand the want to deviate has much as possible from OTT, but making shapeless masses for clothing is an interesting retaliation technique.

Annette onepiece

This dress is not too horrible. I have never liked the whole shirt dress trend though. This dress needs a cute belt or sash to break up the monotony. I do not see this dress as lolita though.

Gina jumperskirt

What is this ugly monstrosity? My first reaction was "Is that a brand moo moo?!" It looks like the designers forgot to put a waist in this jumperskirt. The front panel seems like it would fit better on a shirt. I guess if someone was pregnant this would be a good lolita jumperskirt. It would be interesting to see a maternity lolita brand.

images from: Innocent World

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Not so happy International Lolita Day

Karma will always have its revenge.

I must start this post that the International Lolita Day event was wonderful. The two panels I attended were charming. There were some adorable and beautifully dressed lolita and I was happy I went even under the circumstances. I enjoyed speaking to the few lolita that talked with me. Thank you everyone. ❤

I always work on the weekends so any meet-up or event I want to attend I have to request off or call out. I called out Friday night feigning illness and then Saturday I woke up to 100.4°F degree fever! I was determined to go to NYC, so I got ready despite a fever and the climbing humidity. Halfway through doing my hair I found out my curling iron had died, so no cute curls with my hime bouffant hairstyle.

The trip to NYC was alright even though something in the car ripped my stockings. We stopped for a quick wardrobe modification and then were back on the road. No traffic jams and fewer crazy drivers to deal with made for a quick ride northward. However, upon reaching NYC my driver and I quickly got lost. Manhattan was a maze of one way streets and blocked off streets for some open air street market. It took 40 minutes to navigate through this mess making me arrive some time about 2:10pm.

I was of course interested the most by the blogging panel. Unfortunately I arrived late after trying to navigate the maze and had to stand in the very back until the second panel.

The first panel: Lolitas in the Wired.
Authors of La Vida Frills, Lolita Charm, and Pretty Wonderland.

The seond panel: Lace, Thimbles, and Pincushions.
Owners of I do Declare and morrigan.

I took a few picture of some lovely ladies and left. It was too humid in the building for me and I felt like my temperature was rising. When I returned home I went straight to bed. My fever was 102°F. I feel better now though, just weak.

Four other pictures are available on my flicker.

top image from: chang|e one’s mind

Thursday, June 3, 2010

International Lolita Day

It is that time of the year again. This Saturday is the biannual International Lolita Day. I did not know if I was going to do anything this year, until I saw Lolita Charm's Kinokuniya x International Lolita Day '10! entry.

The event runs from 2-5pm at Kinokuniya in NYC. There will be three discussion panels. I am really looking forward to attending the 2-3pm discussion by the authors of La Vida Frills, Lolita Charm, and Pretty Wonderland.

I hate working on the weekends. I always end up missing great events, so I am really happy to be attending this.

I hope everyone has a safe drive to NYC. See you there!

image from: Google images