Tuesday, August 3, 2010


I was recently window shopping and I noticed one of the local strip mall had added a 5 belºw. Everything is cheaply priced and sometime you can find the cutest accessories. I did not see anything I wanted to buy until I passed the registers. They had rose rings.

I like these little plastic rings. I have pink rose rings but I really wanted a white rose and a blue rose. 5 belºw had all of the rainbow colors along with white and black. I should go back and get a black rose.

These rings were $2.00 each. They are not the best roses, I wish the center bud was more open. But the rings were a steal. I mostly see these rings online for about $8.00 or more plus shipping. There is even a $20.00 white rose ring on etsy!

They are a nice size and don't collect dust and lint like clay rings. The ring is adjustable and glued on pretty well.


Madrepérola said...

they're so cute. I like them very much.

Lady Kristen said...

Madrepérola: Thank you! I thought they were cute too.

b. said...

Oooo ~ I wish I could find rose rings like that for $2.00!! The only ones that I have seen were on ModCloth and they cost $6.00{?} USD each I think?

Anyway, I do know that yours are beautiful and not as costly which is just fantastic. ^w^ ~ <3

I would buy them in black, white, red, purple, pink and blue. Yep. I would restrain myself to only those colours. >o<

b. of Depict This!

Lexy said...

5 below is pretty awesome!

Lady Kristen said...

b.: I did not know that ModCloth sold these rings as well. Thank you, I thought they were nice too. I believe that since they are so cheap it is perfectly alright to buy all the colors. Restraint not needed. lol

Lexy: Indeed it is. I love finding cute little accessories and whatnots there.