Thursday, September 16, 2010

Someday My Prince Will Come

Feeling a little blue lately I decided to visit the bookstore. I roamed around for quite some time and could not find anything I wanted to read until I was about to leave. Right next to the exit was a curious book that begged to be picked up called "Someday My Prince Will Come."

This cute memoir is about a woman that gave up on ordinary before even being born. At the age of six she decided she was going to marry a prince of the British royal family, Peter Phillips. She continued to chase her dream raking up a massive amounts of debt and stress from escaping Colorado, going to expensive colleges, living in England, and trying to not get deported to achieve her dream. Refusing to join the real world and sometimes living on determination alone she finally met her prince. After meeting him, she realized he just like any other guy. She and her prince parted after a wonderful conversation to return to their own lives. Although not quite achieving her final goal she is happy with the choices she made.

I bought the hardback book which has 304 pages. It is a light read. You do not have worry too much about extensive, boring records from her college years, although she did have to live in a building that should have been a bomb shelter. Or drab stories about everyday life, but she does touch upon some of her low moments in England. The book also contains wonderful accounts of parties, trying to persuade her parents to enroll her in an English boarding school, and episodes of makeup stealing male roommates.

I really enjoyed this book. Having given up on being just ordinary a long time ago I was pleased Jerramy felt the same way. One of my favorite sentences appears when she complains about people asking her when she was going to grow up and join the real world. "Sometimes I think the 'real world' is just a phrase invented by adults to give credibility to the miserable live they've created for themselves." I agree. There is no point in being conventional if it is not in your heart to be so.

If that idea is too far fetched for you you can think of this book as a mild motivational book. Jerramy has many self inspiring, self-help quotes that helped her achieve her goals. One great quote is "Everyone, despite their circumstances, has the power to become the person they were meant to be, and the power to follow the dreams that dwell inside their heart. You just have to be brave and stay focused." As well as " eventually become what you think about most, but I was certain that you also attract what you think about most..." If you need a pick-me-up or just want to read about an odd woman that was determined to become a princess I would recommend this memoir.

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Friday, September 10, 2010

7 must haves for Autumn

It's that time of the year again. The temperature is starting to drop to a more comfortable degree. The days are starting to get slightly shorter. The leaves are starting to change. And school bells have begun to ring. Autumn is here. Autumn and spring are my second favorite seasons. I am always eager to go shopping for these seasons.

For this season I believe there are seven important must haves in everyone's closet.

~ Boots - As it starts to get slightly cooler boots are great footwear. They will keep your feet and legs warm and protected from wind. Autumn in the North East can be unpredictable sometimes. Some days it can be sunny in the morning and then have cold rain in the evening. You will not have to worry what the weather will bring if you wear boots. Brand shop usually release their boot collections slightly later in the season. Innocent World has released three styles already. Stores such as * QutieLand *, Funky Little Shop, and Little Chili Lolita Shop sell lolita style boots all year long.

~ Bolero/shrug/cardigan - These are useful when it is windy or suddenly cool. Some buildings may still have the air conditioner running so a bolero will protect your arms from sudden climate changes. Cute boleros can be found anywhere from brand store to your local Forever 21 or H&M.

~ Cute jacket - Much like above. A jacket will of course give more protect. I usually search for a jacket at the beginning of the season otherwise when it comes time when one is essential all the cute jackets will be taken. Cute jackets can be found anywhere.

~ Tights - Tights will keep you warm on chilly days and can be cute accessories. Local stores in my area have bland, sheer tights. Webshops like We Love Colors™ and Sock Dreams carry an array of brightly colored and zany designed tights. A new website was brought to my attention, My Tights. They appear to carry colorful, as well as slightly toned-down, and normal tights but also adorable tights. My Tights also carries a brand called Wolford, but it only seems available in the UK. I did find two tights that would be perfect for himegyaru though.

~ Cute bag - I am the kind of girl that would rather carry every one of my books rather than have an ugly mountain climbing bookbag. If you are going to be using a bag all day long everyday why buy something that is not cute? Pink Candy and Coquettish Tiara are notorious for having adorable bags. If you cannot use a shipping service there are plenty of other totes and laptop bags that are adorable and available with a quick search on Google.

~ Cute scarf - Lightweight scarves are a great fashion accessories and will also keep your neck protected. Scarves can be found of course anywhere. I always tie my scarf into a bow. NOTE: If you plan to try that as well you need a thin scarf.

~ Long sleeve top - Be it a sweater or a long sleeve blouse. Be sure to have plenty of these as the weather gets colder. Again these can get found anywhere. Right now I am obsessed with white/pink/blue argyle sweaters and long bell sleeve blouses.

Everyone have a wonderful autumn/fall.

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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Adding a little lady in your day

In a world where manners appear to be dead and people act without care for others, I retaliated in my own way by becoming a lifestyle lolita/himegyaru. Rather than fitting into the mold society had created, I decided to live a life of cute and lady-like attributes.

When lolitas decide to start following the lifestyle pathway there was a few different ways to begin their life of cute. Some might start by collecting as many brand items as possible. Some might start by introducing small/cute accessories into their life. Other ladies might try loliable hobbies. Then there are others who first try to refine themselves before adding the lolita lifestyle into their lives. I chose the last path. I believe that when one is dressed up one should try act properly. Although if you are not lady-like to begin with people might think you are putting on an act. I have always felt that no matter what style your chose to follow we ladies should act lady-like.

Here are a few ideas I wrote down in my diary when I first started entering into the realm of the lifestylists.

- Practice proper posture
- Speak softly
- Write little poems
- Let your imagination have the best of you
- Grow up but never old
- Always remember 'Please' and 'Thank you'
- Make calling cards
- Buy an elegant card holder
- Carry a book with you
- Keep a diary
- Learn a different language
- Take walks: exercise and enjoy nature
- Maintain nice nails
- Eat slowly
- Smile

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