Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Public transportation

This post if for anyone, lolita or not. Public transportation is consistent and uncomfortable at time. But if we can work together and try our best to follow some general rules it could make public transportation slightly more tolerable.

Moving back to Maryland means experimenting with public transportation sometimes. Currently living an hour and a half from my work is not fun during rush hour traffic. Recently I been braving Baltimore's light rail and bus systems off and on. The light rail is a nice ride. It frequently seems to be on time and there is hardly anyone on the train until the route starts to enter the city. Every time I rode the light rail it has never gotten crowded. The bus however is 20 minutes late consistently and crowded. Few people on that bus have any etiquette. And I am not talking about Emily Post high society etiquette. Simple common sense or courtesy is all that is needed.

Public transportation tips:
Cover you mouth! If you have a cold, are allergic to something, or just feel that tickle in the back of your throat cover your mouth before you cough or sneeze. Passengers do not want to get sick or have your spittle in their face, neck or, on their person in general.

Bring tissues. If you are sick carry tissues. Do not wipe your runny nose with your hand. Certainly do not clean your nasty hand off on the railings or seats!

Nobody else wants to hear your rap music. I hate having to listen to other people's music. I do not understand why people that listen to rap music seem to have to play it as loud as possible. Please turn the volume on your music down.

Move! If you are blocking the way of other passengers trying to get on the bus please move. Either go to the back of the bus or move to the side so others can get on the bus.

Elders > youngsters Older citizens and people with disabilities should always get seats. If you are healthy and young or relatively young there is no reason you can not give up your seat.

Children > adults Small children and pregnant woman should also always be given seats.

Bubble space. Public transportation vehicles are small. There is no reason to have your legs so far open that the person next to you cannot sit on the seat. Also get a full night's sleep. Leaning on someone as you are falling asleep is very annoying.

I don't care about last night. Lower your voice when talking on the phone or to someone on the bus. I do not want to know about your relationship with Tony. Or any unsavory habits Mary has. Sit next to the person that you want to talk to so you do not have to shout your conversation.

Do I know you... I do not know why small spaces make people want to chat with you. Asking about the time, asking about what fragrance I use, or commenting on my outfit are fine. Telling me about your life story and how many children you have and how your job sinks is not good conversation.

Let me sign you up for parenting classes. All children need to be tamed. Children screaming, hopping seats, throwing objects, or kicking people is not acceptable. Unruly children make everyone's commute horrible.

Drop the drama at the door. The passengers on the bus do not need to be included in the fight between your boyfriend who is sitting two seats away from you. Riding the bus under the influence of anything that would make you obnoxious is also unwelcome. Keep those issues off the bus/subway/train.

Bodily functions are no one else's business. Loudly belching or farting are unpleasant in general public settings. They are unforgivable on public transportation systems.

It's okay to say you don't know. If someone asks if the vehicle will go to a specific destination it is okay to say you don't know. It is better to state your lack of knowledge of the area than lie and have the person miss their bus or get on the wrong bus.

Eyes to yourself. I am sure most of the world was told it is impolite to stare when they were a child. Nothing is more uncomfortable than someone staring. Bring a book, newspaper, magazine, or game to occupy your eyes while on the bus/subway/train. Otherwise look out the window or at the structure of the vehicle.

Hopefully I can one day find a house closer to work and then I will not have to deal with rush hour traffic or public transportation. Until then I have to bite my tongue and deal with the general public.

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"Public transportation is incontinent..."
Oh, dear. I think you used the wrong word.
Nice article, though.