Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Why does happy ever after have to end?

You can see it on T-shirts, pants, purses, any multitude of accessories, and toys. Princess. This title portrays both innocence and narcissism. Images of Disney princesses, actual royalty, or entitled rich girls come to mind at the mention of the word.

Most girl's are told when they are little that they are princesses. Most movies, coloring books, and toys for girls are princess themed. We are indulged in a world of make believe and fairy tales. Society accepts this. There is nothing wrong with labeling yourself or being labeled a princess when you are in elementary school, and then we are supposed to grow out of it. This phase passes and a new obsession will take its place. But what happens if this interest in princesses does not fade away?

When a girl tends to keep her childhood princess interests she is labeled as another type of princess. She is seen as either being a space cadet or having a princess complex. Images of the show Bridezilla comes to mind when I think of how 'an adult princess' is viewed. Ranting and raving. Nothing is good enough for her. Throwing temper tantrums at the slightly hint that she is not going to get something she wants. She must have the biggest toys and the best items of everyone around her. Wanting to be a princess does not mean that you need to act egotistical and attention seeking. Adult princesses should show the world there is more to being a princess than acting like a diva.

I see nothing wrong with labeling yourself as a princess as long as you can still act your age. There are of course behaviors and activities that are accepting at the age of four and not at the age of twenty-four or forty-four. Wanting the best items you can afford and maintaining a certain appearance is okay. Throwing temper tantrums and manipulating people around are not okay. My mother let me surround myself with a life of fantasy and I have a science degree and a wonderful career.

I have never been ashamed to state I am an adult princess. Besides my love of fantasy and my fashion tastes I am relatively normal. I do not use lolita and himegyaru fashion as an 'I wish I were a Disney princess' escapism tactic. I think of myself as a practical princess. I wear these styles to express my love of girlie and elegant lifestyle I already loved before I knew about these fashions. I am in no way a special snowflake. Nor I do not think I should get everything for free. I neither act like a diva nor a spoiled brat. I enjoy wearing pastel dresses, pearls, and having flowing hair. And I have a love for the ultra-feminine and adorable.

There are so many parents that worry their daughters will not grow out of the princess phase. Why wouldn't you want girls to feel like princesses? It is such a self esteem boost. And what girl does not want to feel the best about herself? So many children and teens nowadays have such low self-esteem and negative body images. Why not let girls portray the princesses they want themselves to be? Princesses embody gracefulness, elegance, charm, and beauty. Their lives are adventurous, full of travel, and meeting new people. Plus they have money and nice material possessions. Of course life cannot always be pearls, rainbows, and cupcakes. Princesses have problems just like anyone else, but they also have assistants and advisers to help them. And who would not like the help of advisers in difficult situations?

Let the little girls grow up to be whom they want. Teach them right from wrong and let their imaginations soar.

image from: Carnegie Club

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Raging e-mails not needed

A few lovely e-mail trolls, or one person with no life, have inspired me on a topic I have been thinking of posting for some time now. Race. For those that do not know I am half African American. You may feel free to unfollow me if that makes you upset or offends you in any way.

This morning I received three nasty e-mails about the fact that I am an African American wearing primarily Asian or Caucasian dominated fashions. If this person(s) took the time to read my blog they would know I enjoy the fact that I am a deviant from normal American society. I also enjoy that I differ from the popular displayed black culture as well. So the sock puppet e-mails do not offend me in the least. I am proud of who I am -taste in fashion, skin color, and hobbies alike-.

This person(s) loved spouting nonsense such as I belong wearing booty jeans, massive hoop earrings, mini skirts, and shirts that leave nothing for the imagination. I have never identified with that kind of style nor do I wear clothing like that. Placing someone in a stereotypical group such as that is beyond archaic. I did not know that clothing defined what race a person belongs to. Does that mean African American gentlemen cannot wear a three piece business suit? Or looking at the other side of the argument, does that mean Caucasians cannot wear brands primarily worn by African Americans?

Other arguments they tried to justify is that I do not fit the picture of a princess or porcelain doll, so why am I trying to portray myself as one? Because it is the 21st century, I can, and I want to. There might be cause for concern if I kept stating I was a Disney princess or if I attempted to wear white foundation and doll make-up, but that is not the case. There have been princesses of all shapes, colors, and sizes throughout history. So I do not know how I could not fit into the image of a princess. I will also point out there are black porcelain dolls.

(She is adorable!)

Yes, lolita/himegyaru is a fashion generally geared toward those with a light complexion. Yes, lolita fashion is based of European fashion and designed by the Japanese. Yes, himegyaru is a fashion which imbues a princessly spirit. However, nowhere is it written that girls or boys of other races cannot wear lolita/himegyaru fashion. Fashion and clothing have no racial discrimination. Clothing tags describe how to care for and wash clothes, but I have never seen one tell who can and cannot wear the clothes.

The grief I receive from my fashion choices does not stop with anonymous e-mails. Much like other lolita/himegyaru I am sometimes chastised by peers, neighbors, and random strangers. I have no problem with being called odd or asked why I dress the way I do. But being rude by calling someone an Oreo is not needed and childish. Those kind of statements do not deter me from dressing in my favorite fashions. Nor do they deter me from blogging about my favorite fashions. So please go find another hobby other than making sock puppet e-mail accounts and sending me vulgar e-mails that will just be deleted. Thank you.

top image from: African American Gifts
bottom image from: Lazy D Dolls

Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy Halloween!

I hope everyone is having a good holiday. Rather than going to a party this year I stayed home with my fiance and his younger sister, Kai. We listened to Halloween music, drank apple cider, watched scary movies, and carved pumpkins. This was the first time I had ever carved a pumpkin.


The three Totoro are my pumpkins. I wanted to carve something cute and different than a plain lack-o'-lantern. Sadly the tiny Totoro's candle went out before Kai could take the picture and the middle Totoro's candle was dying as the picture was being taken. Brad's pumpkin is on the ground and top two pumpkins are Kai's.


The other day I looked at my calendar and noticed there are only three more months until Christmas. And I still have yet to buy presents... I always end up waiting until the last minute to buy presents. But this year I have begun to shop early. Christmas is not going to sneak up on me again this year.

I dislike shopping with the sole intent that everything I purchase is for other people. I am the horrible kind of person that always finds something she likes when shopping for other people. Sometimes I end up leaving the store with two piles of purchases. One for the person(s) I went shopping for and one for myself. When shopping online I seem to have better control. So this year I am planning to do my present shopping online.

While searching online for Christmas gift ideas I came across a neat little webshop called The Handpicked Collection. There are a few gifts I would love to get my family members from there and of course a few items I would like for myself.

I was looking to update my kitchen from the plain, normal kitchen utensils, flatware, pots, and dishes I currently have. I do not know why it has taken me so long to lolify my kitchen, but I need to. The Handpicked Collection has adorable kitchen gift ideas. A few of the items I am interested in are the polka dot pots. I wish they came in blue, but pink is cute.

There are also heart shaped cutting boards. The boards come in two different sizes. These will match the heart shaped measuring spoons I recently bought.

There are also cute towels featured on The Handpicked Collection which I would like. However, I promise to buy everything later and focus only on buying gifts for others at the moment.

I wish my local stores had cute kitchen items too.

images from: The Handpicked Collection