Sunday, November 7, 2010

Raging e-mails not needed

A few lovely e-mail trolls, or one person with no life, have inspired me on a topic I have been thinking of posting for some time now. Race. For those that do not know I am half African American. You may feel free to unfollow me if that makes you upset or offends you in any way.

This morning I received three nasty e-mails about the fact that I am an African American wearing primarily Asian or Caucasian dominated fashions. If this person(s) took the time to read my blog they would know I enjoy the fact that I am a deviant from normal American society. I also enjoy that I differ from the popular displayed black culture as well. So the sock puppet e-mails do not offend me in the least. I am proud of who I am -taste in fashion, skin color, and hobbies alike-.

This person(s) loved spouting nonsense such as I belong wearing booty jeans, massive hoop earrings, mini skirts, and shirts that leave nothing for the imagination. I have never identified with that kind of style nor do I wear clothing like that. Placing someone in a stereotypical group such as that is beyond archaic. I did not know that clothing defined what race a person belongs to. Does that mean African American gentlemen cannot wear a three piece business suit? Or looking at the other side of the argument, does that mean Caucasians cannot wear brands primarily worn by African Americans?

Other arguments they tried to justify is that I do not fit the picture of a princess or porcelain doll, so why am I trying to portray myself as one? Because it is the 21st century, I can, and I want to. There might be cause for concern if I kept stating I was a Disney princess or if I attempted to wear white foundation and doll make-up, but that is not the case. There have been princesses of all shapes, colors, and sizes throughout history. So I do not know how I could not fit into the image of a princess. I will also point out there are black porcelain dolls.

(She is adorable!)

Yes, lolita/himegyaru is a fashion generally geared toward those with a light complexion. Yes, lolita fashion is based of European fashion and designed by the Japanese. Yes, himegyaru is a fashion which imbues a princessly spirit. However, nowhere is it written that girls or boys of other races cannot wear lolita/himegyaru fashion. Fashion and clothing have no racial discrimination. Clothing tags describe how to care for and wash clothes, but I have never seen one tell who can and cannot wear the clothes.

The grief I receive from my fashion choices does not stop with anonymous e-mails. Much like other lolita/himegyaru I am sometimes chastised by peers, neighbors, and random strangers. I have no problem with being called odd or asked why I dress the way I do. But being rude by calling someone an Oreo is not needed and childish. Those kind of statements do not deter me from dressing in my favorite fashions. Nor do they deter me from blogging about my favorite fashions. So please go find another hobby other than making sock puppet e-mail accounts and sending me vulgar e-mails that will just be deleted. Thank you.

top image from: African American Gifts
bottom image from: Lazy D Dolls


Anonymous said...

Sounds like trolls! The whole "Lolita is only for ___ race" is so old... boring! Troll needs to stay up to date with what's hot in the drama world!

;P I know you'll keep doing what you love and what suits you ^u^b

April said...

I enjoy your blog! Great to hear you aren't letting stupid trolls get to you.
Lolita is for everyone that loves it.

Anonymous said...

Geez, I can't believe people sometimes. I've been told before I can't pull off lolita because I'm too tall (5'10") and I just ignore that kind of NOISE. Anyone can pull off lolita, if they're willing to put in the work to make sure they're doing it correctly. I pity anyone who genuinely believes your fashion choices should be dictated by your ethnicity. *shakes head*

★ASU★ said...

Haha, the whole fact of JAPANESE PEOPLE dressing up like EUROPEAN PORCELAIN DOLLS is ironic enough, so there's also nothing wrong with other races wearing that style. Why do some people think everything needs stupid rules? There are no rules in fashion!!

Jacqueline said...

About the Disney Princess comment, there IS actually a new African American Disney princess from the movie The Princess and the Frog :)

Amelie Rose said...

I can't believe the backwards attitudes of some people! I'm glad to hear that you're not paying them any attention - may you keep being wonderful! :3

Madrepérola said...

It's a shame that there are people like these in the world. Everybody can wear eveything. Regarless of ethnicity. African-American or African-Brazilian lolitas are as gorgeous as any other white or asian lolita. By the way the last disney princess are African-American.

Anonymous said...

Good Lord! People actually say these things? I mean, let alone to your face. Ugh. Modern society, it can get sickening at times, I fear.

All the same, please keep rocking the Lolita and Himegaryu style, because, quite frankly, you rock something awesome~

As for those people who give you grief? Forget them. Unfortunately, they're just an extension of just how far our society has to go in ridding ourselves of racial discrimination.

(Besides that, you look WAY cuter in frills than the picture in my head of the booty jeans and whatnot. Stick with what makes you happy, dearie~)

Lady Kristen said...

Sparklewolfie : Lately trolls seem to have run out of drama ideas. Thank you! I think lolita fashion suits you as well.

April: Thank you! I would never let some anonymous online troll sway my opinions. I agree with you.

mewy: I have been told that I should not wear lolita because of my height was well. I agree with you. If we take the time to work hard anyone can look good in lolita.

★ASU★: I agree. Fashion is about self expression and having fun. I do not think it is a matter of rules. I think they were trying to hurt my feels and make me want to quit dressing up.

Lady Kristen said...

Jacqueline : I know about Tiana. I thought the The Princess and the Frog was adorable. I meant to say that I could understand receiving nasty e-mails if I were saying that I was a Disney Princess or wearing doll make-up.

Amelie Rose: Thank you! I wonder never listen to sock puppet trolls. I shall try to remain wonderful. You do the same.

Madrepérola: Some people have nothing better to do with their boring lives than try to start drama. I agree clothing does not racially discrimination. People should be able to wear what they want. I know about Tiana. I thought the The Princess and the Frog was adorable.

harraarial: Yes, there are amazingly people in the world that still think that way. Lolita and himegyaru fashion are indeed awesome. I plan to rock them for a rather long time. Thank you! ❤

beata-beatrixx said...

Wow, the ignorant people in the world. As if there's a specific wardrobe for certain ethnic groups. Good for you--ignore the haters because,seriously, you've got too much of a life to bother. Also, doll collector here: those are adorable!!

Cherrypop said...

being new to lolita and black its saddens me a little because people are still on this race issue even in our small lolita community.but i do not let others discourage me from doing what i want. anyone can pull off the lolita look it just depends on how much effort they put into it..

Lady Kristen said...

beata-beatrixx : I agree with you. Thank you! ❤ The second doll is so adorable. I don't collect dolls, but I kind of want to buy her.

Cherrypop: I agree. If everyone put more effort into their ensembles and appearance we can all be excellent lolita. Never give up on something you love, because someone in the world has a sour opinion.

Anonymous said...

I support you. I am black and a huge fan of lolita fashion. I've seen many racist comments about dark skin and black hair. It makes me feel awfully sad.

Tanaie said...

...Oooh the irony of it all.
To think that Lolitas who constantly complain about sometimes being judged in public, have the nerve to judge others! Another lolita at that! (To go as low as trolling is quite awful)
And simply because of her skin color! *Sigh* I suppose humans will be humans. Then again I suppose no one is spared. Whether your to big, too thin, too tall, too small, not pretty enough, not Japanese enough...
Why have the standards been set so high?

Anyway I really do appreciate seeing your post on this matter. I'm also a "mixed chick" ! (Half Jamaican half German). When I decided I wanted to be a Lolita, I had all this worry that other lolitas might not recognize me as one. I was worried that I'd simply be seen as a brown girl in a frilly dress. But then I remembered that being a lolita is about dressing for yourself. Making yourself happy, and no one else.
I think I look absolutely adorable as the Sweet Lolita that I am, and no skin colour of mine changes that.

Lady Kristen said...

Anonymous: It is awful that people make those kind of comments. But we cannot do anything about them. All we can do is enjoy ourselves with the hobbies we love.

Tanaie: It is good to see another dark skinned lolita that is unaffected by others. When I first started dressing lolita I feared I would be an outcast because of my skin color too. I feel in love with the lolita fashion at first sight and was determined that enjoy myself and not care what others thought. I am very happy I did.

Anonymous said...

It's ridiculous to think that in such a small, inclusive community such as Lolita that people would want to ostracize it further by limiting what race can wear the fashion.

And then people wonder why Lolitas have such a bad rep for being mean! You get one (or few) person ruining it for the majority. :/

Bluie said...

Oh, that second doll is really cute. *huggels*
I really don't see how anyone should hate people because of race/skin/ belief or what ever. It seems they are stuck in the dark ages that they get hung up on such small details and don't actually focus on who a person is.
We are all beautiful in every way though some actions can be truly disgusting but that is something we can control and it is made by choices. Just as the person(s) are trolling you, they have become very disgusting. Where as you are staying very beautiful by trying to dis-prove them in public and showing that they cruelness doesn't make you any less wonderful.

Lady Kristen said...

Christina: I agree. But as a whole we are a nice group of girls. The only thing we can do is be nice and hope all the good outweighs the bad.

Bluie: Thank you! I completely agree with you. Internal ugliness is disgusting. But sadly there are still thousands of people that hate others for their differences.

Anonymous said...

Oh my god! That doll is so adorable! Where can I get it?

Anyway, that idiot doesn't even now what they're talking about. The clothing they described is worn by many different races, not just black people. Their arguement is irrelevant. Lolita wear is also uncommon for white people,hispanic people, even asian people! Though it is most popular in an asian country, that's just one country. It's not even mainstream there. I'm not bashing lolita, or anyones choices.
I don't mean to offend anyone by saying black or white because frankly someone who you call "african american" might be neither african nor american. I know this blogger specifically stated so, but I know indians confused as being african. And they're not even american, they're british!
There's my rant for the day.

Sunshine~ said...

I think it's great that you're mature enough to just brush them off, you truly are an inspiration to me.

I consider myself a "lolita in training" I'm still learning and have yet to buy my first dress. But i've often been told I could not pull of being a lolita because i'm shorter. I'm only 4'9, but that isn't going to stop me from being a full lolita someday! Thank you again for being such an inspiration to me~