Friday, December 24, 2010

Challenge digest

There have been a few lolita secrets lately about missing Princess Portal. Which reminded me that I have missed the old blog too. I do not so much miss the articles, but the monthly challenges. I really enjoyed having an inspirational goal or task to do each month. So I thought I would like to attempt monthly challenge posts myself.

I have been debating about how I was going to go about this. I finally decided that I would take a quote per month and work around that. I think I will make multiple posts throughout the month rather than just one. It is too late this month to start so I will start next year. I am in no way as articulate or creative as Princess Skye, but I will enjoy having monthly incentives to fulfill.

image from: hsn


melanie said...

I can't wait for the challenges Kristen! I'd love to be a part of it!

Kisses, Melanie

Kara said...

That challenges thing sounds really cool! I'll try my best to get my lazy butt to do them

Lady Kristen said...

melanie: Thank you. I would love for you to participate with me! ❤

Kara: Thank you. It is not mandatory to participate. I think it's wonderful that would have to do them with me though. ❤