Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Prince or bust

Pet peeve #5: Lolita seeking prince

Sweet lolita searching for a tall, handsome prince to save me from the dragon that is platitudinous fashion. Looking for a prince that is romantic, will pamper me, and knows the difference between Venetian and raschel lace. I am looking for someone that go shopping with me, drink tea, read fictional literature, and will dress to the nines upon my command! He must use his own make-up and adore lolita fashion! Already having an aristocratic or kodono wardrobe is a plus.

I have seen many lolita secrets and forum topics about girls wanting a prince that will dress up with them. I have even come across a forum post about a lolita that was thinking of breaking up with her boyfriend because he would not dress up with her! Yes, you read that correctly. She was planning to leave a perfectly good relationship because of clothing. I find that utterly ridiculous.

Most lolita seem to dislike when people tell them to dress normal. Why would you annoy your partner or leave a relationship because the guy would not change how he dresses? No one has the right to dictate how someone else dresses, except parents who buy clothing for their children, school systems, and supervisors. Just as you are expressing yourself in lolita or gyaru clothing your partner is expressing himself. I feel that someone dictating what I can and cannot wear oppresses a small part of who I am. (However, work dress codes are necessary and do not bother me.) Your partner might feel the same way as well.

I have never seen the girls that make these types of posts take into account that their partners might feel uncomfortable dressing up. I would rather have my fiance be comfortable in jeans and a super hero T-shirt than uncomfortable and self conscious in a suit.

I believe girls should like a guy based on his attitude and personality, not a shallow thing such as the clothes he wears. Remember fashion tastes change as we age. I would rather have a guy that acts princely than one that dresses princely. Just as I feel girls should not use pets or babies as fashion accessories, they also should not use their boyfriends, partners, or husbands as one either.

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~larissa said...

I agree so much!
It's sad when some girls don't realise that they are human beings, not accessories >.<
Thanks for the post!

Madrepérola said...

get over because of a cloth style is absurd!! I love lolita style, but it's over the limit!

Lady Kristen said...

~larissa: I'm glad you liked it.

Madrepérola: I agree. Some people take their lifestyle ideas too far. Although I am a lifestlye lolita I would not ruin a good relationship because my guy would not dress up.