Monday, January 24, 2011

101 in 1001 days

Since this is the month of setting new goals and dreams I thought it would be wonderful to try and participate in the popular 101 goals in 1001 days web meme. The mission is to complete 101 tasks in a period of 1001 days (2.75 years). Thus starting from today I have until October 21, 2013 to complete everything.

This meme seemed like a great way to think of new things to try or list tasks that must be completed. It took me longer to think up these many goals than I thought it originally would. Typing this in my blog lessens the chances of losing or forgetting the goals. And when a goal is completed it will be struck from the list and the task meter at the bottom will increase.

Top 10
1. Move into an apartment
2. Decide which college to transfer to
3. Get married
4. Get driver's license
5. Travel to a foreign country
6. Establish credit
7. Lose 50lbs
8. Start savings account
9. Buy furniture
10. Call R&R company

11. Finish blanket
12. Make a faux stain glass design
13. Make a hinamatsuri cake
14. Sew 5 outfits
15. Learn to make cute designs in milk froth
16. Try 10 new recipes (9/10)
- White cake
- Strawberry cheesecake
- Snickerdoodles
- Double chocolatey cookies
- Sweet teriyaki stir fry
- Japanese potato salad
- Carrot kinpira
- Apple cake
- Apple meatloaf

19. Make gingerbread house
20. Paint a huge paint-by-number
21. Make beret replicas
22. Learn to embroider
23. Try calligraphy

Literature and studying
24. Learn Korean
25. Read 4 Shakespearean plays (4/4)
- Romeo & Juliet
- Hamlet
- A Midsummer Night's Dream
- Othello

26. Finish Le Morte d'Arthur
27. Read Grimm's Fairy Tales
28. Read Sherlock Holmes
29. Re-study Spanish
30. Buy 4 new Arthurian Legend books (4/4)
- The World of King Arthur and His Court: People, Places, Legend, and Lore
- The Once and Future King
- The Book of Merlin
- The Acts of King Arthur and His Noble Knights

31. Go dress shopping
32. Decide on party favors
33. Decide on invitations
34. Finish guest list
35. Decide cater
36. Buy wedding to-do book
37. Decide groom's ring
38. Make seating arrangements
39. Contact Allen
40. View chapel
41. Pick a hairstyle
42. Start registry
43. Buy wedding ring
44. Go cake testing
45. Get engagement picture(s) taken

Internet, blog, and computer related
46. Post twice a week on PL
47. Upload 300 items on poupee
48. Organize bookmarks
49. Finish Personal Taste
50. Watch Liar Game movie
51. Changed - no longer writing in CC
52. Participate in 3 blog contests/challenges (0/3)
53. Go through poupee friends list
54. Make mission statement
55. Start 3 post series (2/3)
- wedding
- vices and virtues

56. Convert files to new computer
57. Save disk data onto external hard drive
58. Finish 101 goals list by the end of January
59. Watch Galileo movie

60. See a beach when it's snowing
61. Go to a spa
62. Go on a carriage ride
63. Visit the Milton Inn
64. Clean out wardrobe
65. Visit a castle
66. Organize bookcases
67. Go 3 months without drinking a beverage with caramel coloring
68. Try 3 new hair styles (3/3)
- liberty rolls
- side buns
- ponytail bow

69. Donate to 3 charities (3/3)
- Local children's fund
- Breast cancer

70. Start recipe book
71. Organize shoes
72. Visit a topiary garden
73. Visit Disneyland
74. Go to Otakon
75. Go to Katsukon
76. Organize DVD rack
77. Go through egl posts
78. Organize post idea book
79. Buy new planner book
80. Organize game rack
81. Start exercise regimen
82. Start facial care regimen
83. Go to the zoo
84. Go on a cruise
85. Try archery
86. Wake up at 9:30a for 7 days in a row
87. Buy tables
88. See cherry blossom festival

89. Buy DVD stand
90. Buy stolen games back
91. Buy a new set of lolita shoes
92. Buy gyaru hairstyle wig (dual)
93. Buy lolita hairstyle wig (dual)
94. Start a charm bracelet
95. Order coat replicas
96. Buy 10 Disney DVDs (10/10)
- The Black Cauldron
- Hercules
- Robin Hood
- Tangled
- The Emporer's New Groove
- The Scorceror's Apprentice
- Pirates of the Caribbean DVD pack

97. Buy new wallet
98. Buy new purse
99. Buy Harry Potter book set
100. Buy last book in The Door Within series
101. Buy all current GosuRori mooks

73 / 101 tasks. 72% complete!

image from: MindBodyGreen


KittyDragon said...

Good luck. I think I should do this too, but maybe I can start smaller

DuskRose_Dreaming said...

Wow, impressive list of goals! Maybe I should do something like this too, to keep track of my aspirations.

Lady Kristen said...

KittyDragon: Thinking of 101 goals was definitely a more difficult task than I thought it would be. Starting small would be an excellent way to keep track of your goals. A friend of mine makes a list every month of 5 to 10 goals to complete.

DuskRose_Dreaming: It was rewarding to think up these 101 goals. I also think it will be fun to cross each task off and update the meter each time I have completed something. It will definitely keep me on track.

Kaitlyn said...

That's an interesting idea, I might want to try it as well!

Beauty meets Kawaii said...

Good luck with your goals! This is the type of thing I should do after my current year long challenge :)

Kisses, Melanie

Madrepérola said...

I really loved this idea! I'll do it too. I wish you good luck to achieve everything you want.

Lady Kristen said...

Kaitlyn: I think this will be a fun challenge. I wish you well if you decide to make a 101 list.

Beauty meets Kawaii: Best wishes with your current challenge! And best wishes if you decide to do this too.

Madrepérola: Thank you! I wish you luck and best wishes as well. I hope you can achieve everything on your 101 list as well.

Madrepérola said...

I think I can help you in something. Here there are some videos teaching how to embroidery

The videos are in English. I hope they help you.

Madrepérola said...

there are more videos in the youtube.

Lady Kristen said...

Madrepérola: Thank you so much! I will look at those tomorrow before work. :)